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Bored just eating at the same old places? If your favourite restaurants are starting to lose their lustre, these bizarre eateries around the world will shake you out of your rut!

Calico Cat Café – Tokyo, Japan

This feline friendly establishment will have cat lovers swooning, as guests here can choose a kitty companion to go with their food or beverages. This is the perfect place for those who love cats but can’t have one of their own at home.

Weirdest Menu Item – Cat food, which costs ¥300 (for the cats, of course!)


Linger Lodge – Florida, USA

Filled from floor to ceiling with preserved local animals, this weird place includes dozens of stuffed snakes, alligators and even turkey rattlers. Stay the night in the nearby campground if you dare, but you had better hope that none of those stuffed animals’ relatives drop by to seek revenge.

Weirdest Menu Item – Snake bite onion rings served with venom sauce


Ninja New York – New York City, USA

This unusual restaurant is based on feudal society in Japan and is a must for anyone who loves ninjas. The low lighting, labyrinth-like passageways and surprise attacks by masked warriors will make this a dining experience you will never forget.

Weirdest Menu Item – ‘Katana’ is their signature dish, which is steak with risotto and king crab, topped with white sauce and melted cheese


The Modern Toilet – Taipei, Taiwan

This quirky restaurant takes toilet humour to a whole new level, as guests sit on toilets and eat from bowls shaped like toilets. The food is even made to look like something that should be flushed – though we’re pretty sure it’s delicious. If you’re in Taipei, just look for the building with a huge toilet stuck above the door.

Weirdest Menu Item – ‘Haemorrhoid’ Ice. Eat it if you dare!


Dans Le Noir – London, UK

Based on the centuries old practice of blind tasting, this unusual restaurant has diners eating in total darkness. Rather than choose their food, guests are instead asked what they cannot eat; they are then served a mystery meal that they can only explore by taste and smell. Creepy or interesting… you’ll have to try it to decide!

Weirdest Menu Item – ‘Halloween Surprise’


Devil Island Prison Restaurant – Taichung, China

If you’ve never been to prison this bizarre place offers a great way to get a “taste” of it. Situated in what was once a real prison, guests are photographed and fingerprinted on arrival before being handcuffed and led to their cells where dinner is served.

Weirdest Menu Item – Coffin shaped bread


Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant – Ylläsjärvi, Finland

Rug up and grab your best winter jacket before heading to this chilled restaurant –as it is constructed entirely from ice! Guests are seated on solid ice stools, all food is served ice cold, and every spring the entire restaurant melts before being rebuilt again in the winter. How dedicated is that?

Weirdest Menu Item – Sautéed reindeer (sorry Santa!)


A380 In-Flight Kitchen – Taipei, Taiwan

If you love airplane travel but aren’t a fan of the long boarding queues and tasteless food, this is the place for you! Designed to look just like an A380 plane, this restaurant features wait staff dressed as air stewards and even beverages are delivered on small metal carts. You are generally assigned to First, Business or Economy class and given a seat number upon entry.

Weirdest Menu Item – Nothing overly weird about the western menu here, but all meals are served on customary plastic trays 


The Black Hoof – Toronto, Canada

The creative menu here is almost entirely meat and features some highly unusual offerings made strictly with carnivores in mind. If you have vegetarian friends it is probably best to leave them at home for this one.

Weirdest Menu Item – Tongue on brioche