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As Aussies, we all love a great market bargain, whether it’s to buy art and craft, handmade clothing or some gourmet food and wine. But around the world, things aren’t quite so ordinary! From spider markets to gypsy wife markets, here are some of the most bizarre bazaar’s you’ll find around the globe

Spider Market, Cambodia

These days, there are only a few places to get a tasty, deep-fried spider and the Spider Village in Skuon, Cambodia, is one of them. Ten cents will buy you a palm-sized tarantula, complete with crispy legs and a soft, chewy body. No one knows quite how this delicacy came to be in Cambodia, but some suggest they began eating spiders during the food shortages of the Khmer Rouge years.

Floating Market, Thailand

Ever get tired legs from walking around markets all day? Well, the people of Damnoen Saduak don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! These floating markets are one of the most popular in South East Asia and shoppers can sit back and float from stall to stall. Fresh fruit, vegetables and foods are the most common things for sale here and guided tours are also very popular.

Witches’ Market, Bolivia

For all the practicing wiccans out there, La Paz, Bolivia, the highest (de facto) capital city in the world, has got you covered. This magical market is run by witch doctors and sells a broad range of hard-to-come-by goods, like dried toads, love potions, magical talismans and medicinal plants. If you happen to make it here, you might feel like you’ve fallen asleep and woken up in an enchanted fairytale!

Delicacy Food Market, China

At first, there might not seem anything odd about Beijing’s night market, but here you’ll be able to find bite-sized snacks of cooked locusts, scorpions, centipedes, sea horses and more! These creatures are fried and then placed on a kebab stick for you to buy and eat. Don’t worry, if bugs aren’t to your liking, there’s lots of conventional food for sale here, too.

Jade Market, Hong Kong

If you have a soft spot for the Jade stone, Jade Street in Kowloon will satisfy your shopping dreams. You’ll be able to find around 400 stalls here selling rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and accessories, all made from various shades of jade. Jade is considered to enhance luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, so choose your trinkets wisely.

Lomé Voodoo Market, Togo

Voodoo still has a place in African culture and in the West African city of Lomé, you’ll have no trouble coming across this voodoo market. If you’re not too keen on elephants’ feet or vulture skulls, there are also plenty of carvings, figurines and charms to be found. Many vendors here claim their ingredients can cure almost any ailment, but it looks like you’ll have to try one to find out!

Noryangjin Fish Market, Korea

If you think the Sydney Fish Market is awesome, then you’ll love this particular fish hotspot in Seoul! The Noryangjin fish market features row upon row of both fresh and dried seafood, with everything you could imagine for lunch, from fish and crabs to clams, sea cucumbers, octopuses and even stingrays. Simply select what you want to eat and the mongers will prepare the seafood and fry it up for you – bizarre yet delicious!