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Giddy up, travellers! If you love nothing more than a good horse riding adventure when you’re on holiday, these stunning destinations around the globe will have you trotting away in no time…

The Grand Canyon, US

It’s wide and it’s deep – and it’s open to horseback riding! Horseback tours through the Grand Canyon offer a rare opportunity to explore this natural wonder, from its bubbling streams to its glorious rock formations. Oh, and you can also pretend you’re in the Wild West, if you like.

The Okavango Delta, Botswana

It’s a wildlife sanctuary, a river system and a highly sought-after travel spot in the Kalahari Desert. Horse riding through the Okavango Delta is hard to beat, and you’ll have the chance to spot cheetahs, crocodiles, rhinos, elephants, and even lions.

Any time is a good time to safari on horseback through the Delta, but do your research first if there are particular animals (or herds) you want to see.

The Andes, Chile & Argentina

Imagine sitting atop a horse and trundling through the longest continental mountain range on earth! A horseback tour across the Andes is a South American experience like no other, with beautiful lakes, valleys and beaches to boot.

Horseriding adventures across the Andes can last anywhere from 6 to 14 days and riders should be prepared to do lots of riding every day.

Alberta, Canada

If you’ve ever wanted to gallop through open prairies and flowering meadows with glaciers,  forests and mountains (the Rocky Mountains, to be exact!) in the background, Alberta is the place to do it – most notably at Banff National Park.

You’ll also get to immerse yourself in the culture of cowboy and ranch living if you go in the warmer months.

Khangai Mountains & Orkhon Valley, Mongolia

Untouched and beautiful, the Khangai Mountain Range is an underrated horse riding destination. Horses make up a key part of Mongolian culture and on tour here you’ll traverse beautiful mountains, glimpse monasteries and encounter wandering nomads.

Our best travel tip: Go in 07/so that you can also attend the famous Naadam Festival.

Huahine, French Polynesia

Powdery white beaches, sparkling blue waters and lush green forests are what will surround your horse ride when in Huahine! Huahine is one of the key islands in French Polynesia (just a stone’s throw from Tahiti) and horseback riding on the beach here is truly amazing.

There are two hour, half day, full day and sunset tours available through a couple of different providers, and researching and booking in advance is recommended.

Kerry, Ireland

Commonly referred to as the most captivating place in all of Ireland, Kerry is a prime place for horse riding. Sights here include castles and islands, as well as the gorgeous lakes, waterfalls and mountains of the Killarney National Park.

There are lots of stables available in the area that offer day tours, so seek one out that will take you on your desired trail, and that suits your horse riding abilities.

North Island, New Zealand

If you’re pressed for time or just wanting something close by, head to New Zealand for your horse riding trip. The rugged wilderness here is perfect for adventurous (and beginner) horseback riders.

You can tour the coastline, explore Mt. Ruapehu or take in the lakes of Rotorua, all on horseback. Rides are open to a variety of riders, from novices and kids to those with lots of riding experience.

Maincy & Versailles, France

Prefer your horse riding experience to be a little more regal? Or even just historical? You can follow in the footsteps (by horse) of King Louis XIV on this cool horseback ride in France, which takes you from Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte in Maincy to Versailles.

You’ll find yourself heading through royal gardens, castle courtyards, open fields and sites along the Seine on this tour, which lasts just over a week.