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With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we would take a look at the best places around the world where chocolate reigns supreme.

Originating in the Americas, chocolate has managed to melt its way across the world to become the most popular go-to sweet treat. Whether you’re into dark, white, or good old milk chocolate, these destinations are sure to cater to your sweet tooth.

Sample delicious chocolate cake, ice cream, brownies, cookies, and choc blocks that will leave you in a self induced cacao coma.

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Brussels, Belgium

You couldn’t possibly create a list of top chocolate spots without mentioning the Chocolate Capital of the World, Brussels. This is the home of chocolate giants Godiva, which sells just about every chocolate product imaginable, and Leonidas which has roughly 350 shops in Belgium in addition to 1,250 stores around the world.

You will find the world’s highest density of chocolatiers here in Brussels. Mary Chocolatier has been serving famous artisanal chocolate for 100 years and if it is good enough for the Belgian Royal Family, you can be sure it is at least deserving of a try. Learn the history of chocolate at the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate where you will be treated to unlimited taste testing as a highlight.



Paris, France

Paris is home to the Salon du Chocolat, the world’s largest event dedicated to chocolate and cocoa, where over 500 participants from over 60 countries make their way to the French capital. Enjoy tastings, workshops, and even a chocolate fashion show. The celebration kicks off appropriately on the day of Halloween.

You’ll find hundreds of chocolate shops scattered throughout the city where dark chocolate seems to be the preferred choice. Join a chocolate walking tour to sample the best the city has to offer while shedding the calories as you consume them. Be sure to visit Debauve & Gallais which supplied chocolates to Napoleon and Jean-Charles Rochoux where you’ll find ornate chocolate statues depicting people and animals that 05/be almost too exquisite too eat...almost.



Barcelona, Spain

While chocolate 05/have been developed in Latin America, it was Spanish explorers which would introduce it to the rest of the world. They of course decided to keep it secret from the rest of Europe for awhile. Barcelona is said to have created the first chocolate-making machine in the late 18th century and hasn’t looked back since.

Tour the Museu De La Xocolata to learn about chocolate, create your own chocolate delights, and view the incredible sculptures crafted from chocolate. Visit Fargas, the city’s oldest chocolate shop and sample the wild cake selection at Pasteleria Escribà.



Cologne, Germany

Cologne is home to the Stollwerck Chocolate Company, who pumps out well over 100,000 tonnes of chocolate each year. You know a city must be into chocolate when one of its top 10 museums is dedicated solely to the stuff. Imhoff-Schokoladenmuseum 05/be a mouthful, but this chocolate museum offers a great look at 5,000 years of chocolate history as well as sampling chocolate directly off the processing line and the ability to create your own personalised chocolate bar.

Visit Hernando Cortez Schokoladen to purchase chocolate from around the world or simply stick around the museum since there is the lovely Chocolat Grand Café offering delicious hot chocolate, all kinds of chocolate desserts, and great views of the Rhine River.



Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss definitely know how to craft quality chocolate, especially when it comes to milk chocolate. Switzerland also consumes more of the sugary goodness than any other country, nearly 12kg annually per person!

Zurich is most notably the home of Lindt as well as Teuscher and Sprungli chocolate. In addition, you have great chocolate shops like Max Chocolatier crafting 100% natural and homemade chocolate. Grab a hot chocolate in Café Conditorei Schober and don’t forget to try Dom Perignon-infused truffles at some point on your Zurich holiday.



Hershey, Pennsylvania USA

Hershey’s is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to chocolate in the U.S. So popular did Hershey’s chocolate become, that the town where it was produced changed its name from Derry Church to Hershey. The town promotes itself as the “Sweetest Place on Earth”, offering up fun interactive chocolate experiences at Hershey’s Chocolate World and Hersheypark. Enjoy 4D chocolate experiences, chocolate spa treatments, chocolate tours, and a thrilling amusement park. Hershey’s is of course the maker of the legendary Hershey bar as well as Kit Kat and Reese’s.



Chocolate around Australia

Of course you don’t need to travel far for great chocolate, as Australia offers many great chocolate experiences itself. Tasmania is home to the Chocolate Winterfest as well as the Cadbury and House of Anvers chocolate factories. Out in Western Australia, you have the Margaret River Chocolate Company as well as the Denmark Chocolate Company. Adelaide is of course home to Haigh's Chocolates, who makes the chocolate Easter bilby. You can find their stores in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra.