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The world has been honouring the hard work and dedication of mothers for thousands of years, and come the second Sunday in May, many countries will follow Australia in celebrating the annual tradition of Mother’s Day.

Through gifts and words of gratitude, we will pay tribute to our mothers who have sacrificed so much to raise us. No matter where you are in the world, our mothers deserve the greatest respect and appreciation for all they have given us.

This Mother’s Day, we’re exploring the world’s greatest countries to be a mother. We’ll explore just what it is that makes these countries so ideal for mothers and why you should book your next holiday to one of these destinations.



Norway ranks as the best country to be a mother due to its wonderful health care and education systems. Mothers enjoy substantial maternity leave and childcare provisions. The country offers low cost day care and flexible schemes that allow mothers to return back to work while collecting maternity leave. Norway also offers one of the world’s highest standards of living along with a very high life expectancy.

The country is often listed as one of Europe’s most naturally beautiful and happy nations. Visit picture perfect landscapes like Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten. Explore the nation’s majestic fjords, safe and lush cities, and 24 hour daylight during the summer months.



Denmark is not only one of the best nations to be a mother, but a woman in general. The government’s earnings related day care system and parental leave policy are some of the world’s finest. It offers a high-grossing national income in which men and women are equally employed. Day care facilities are subsidised by the government and readily available, allowing mothers to return to work quickly should they wish. When it comes to education, mothers are content knowing their children will receive free university studies that can also be enjoyed by those participating in an exchange programs with Denmark. The country also claims that babies cry less here than any other nation!

Visitors can enjoy a country famous for its royal family, and ties to The Little Mermaid. Explore the country’s 7,000km of coastline and more than 400 islands. Vibrant cities like Copenhagen offer the colourful 17th century Nyhavn waterfront and Tivoli Gardens amusement park while Aarhus offers a recreation of a market town from the time of Hans Christian Andersen as well as numerous museums.


The Netherlands

Mothers in the Netherlands don’t have to choose between being a stay at home mum or full time working mum. The country offers plenty of part time positions with flexible hours. They also offer incredible postnatal care which offers new mothers in home care by a highly trained maternity nurse for over a week after the birth of their child. Women in the Netherlands also have one of the highest rates of planned at home births at around 20%, and the country has become one of the safest to have a child in the world. This fact along with free schools and quarterly stipends from the government for child raising costs makes the Netherlands a great nation to be a mum.

Travellers to the Netherlands fall in love with the nation’s iconic windmills and vibrant tulips. Hotels and other accommodation options often provide beautiful canal views in cities like Amsterdam and Utrecht. Experience exceptional and moving museums such as the Anne Frank House and Van Gogh Museum.

Australia is lucky to have reciprocal health agreements with countries like the Netherlands and the U.K. which have some of the world’s best Health Service systems. Although these agreements 05/provide health care in certain circumstances, you will not be covered for all your health care needs. It is vital to be covered with comprehensive travel insurance to make certain you are covered for unlimited qualifying overseas medical expenses.



Sweden offers pregnant women access to subsidised prenatal courses that provide mothers to be with support and aid with their deliveries. Welfare and housing reforms in addition to government assistance for low income families has helped Sweden go from a very high infant mortality rate to a very low one.

Swedish parents are offered 480 days of paid parental leave where each parent has an exclusive right to 90 of those days. Women who hold strenuous jobs are entitled to additional pregnancy benefits and can collect payments as early as 60 days into their pregnancy. In addition, parents receive an additional monthly child allowance for children under the age of 16 that can be used for their care. Mothers are also entitled to free public transport if they are pushing a pram.

Sweden offers incredible ski slopes in the winter and relaxing beaches during the summer months. Just outside of Stockholm you can explore over 30,000 islands and islets that provide tranquil natural beauty and charming villages. Enjoy great food, friendly people, fast and affordable internet, and easy to use public transportation.