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Looking forward to a nice, hot soak in the wonders of nature? If you’re a bathing fanatic or simply just love getting up close with the natural world, a dip in one of these hot springs is a must!

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

One of the most beautiful hot springs in the world, the Blue Lagoon in Iceland is an amazing spot to be, whether in the endless daytimes of summer or the gentle snowfalls of the colder months. A result of many years of volcanic activity, this geothermal spa is surrounded by amazing mountain views and the minerals in the water here are said to work wonders on the skin. For a truly memorable experience, visit this hot spring in winter, when the Northern Lights are visible.

Cascate del Mulino, Italy

Tuscany is well known for its rustic landscapes, impressive cathedrals and exquisite wineries. But if you really fancy a spa, the Cascate del Mulino is worth a day’s visit! A famed natural attraction in the southern Tuscan region, these waterfall springs are free to visit and are generally warm/hot all year round. Many Italians believe the waters here can also cure things like skin ailments, digestion problems and even circulatory issues.

Beppu Hot Springs, Japan

A small city on the island of Kyushu, Japan, Beppu is home to the infamous Beppu Hot Springs and its accompanying resort. While the area is known for its many baths or onsens, Beppu (also known as Takegawara Onsen) stands out because of its thermal waters and also because it offers travellers (and locals) the opportunity to also take a steam bath, a sand bath and even a mud bath! In the area, visitors should also check out the 7 volcanic pits called ‘hells’ that contain boiling mud and water, as well as the geyser, which goes off about every half an hour.

Arenal Volcano Hot Springs, Costa Rica

The small nation of Costa Rica is riddled with five volcanoes, making hot springs here extremely easy to find. While the Arenal Volcano itself is a favourite attraction, the baths and resorts here are popular too. Travellers can choose from the Baldi Hot Springs, the Tabaccon Hot Springs, the Ecotermales Hot Springs and the baths at the Springs Resort (the largest). Each ‘spring’ features a number of luxurious pools to choose from, but if you’re after a bit more excitement, head to Baldi – it offers 3 waterslides in addition to its springs!

Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

Few hot springs of the world are more beautiful than the white-terraced travertine Pamukkale (or “cotton castle”) hot spring in southwestern Turkey. While it is a highly visited attraction today, this spring has been a bathing favourite since the 2nd Century BC and the ancient city of Hierapolis was once built on top of it. In addition to a good soak, tourists can explore the extensive ruins of the ancient city.

Air Panas Hot Springs, Bali

If you’re lucky enough to visit the beautiful destination of Bali, a trip to the Air Panas or Banjar Hot Springs will make a wonderfully relaxing day trip. Nestled in the midst of scenic gardens on the hills of Banjar, the water here is a steady 37°C and locals even consider the water ‘holy.’ These hot springs are a popular tourist attraction in Bali and are open daily.