Australia’s Most Beautiful Swimming Spots

11 de December de 2021

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, Australia is warming up – and it’s time to get wet!

If you’re holidaying down under this summer, these beautiful swimming spots are worth seeking out (or inspiring your holiday plans!):

Emma Gorge, Western Australia

Yeah, we know. There are great beaches in Perth. But in the northeastern part of the state, in the El Questro Wilderness Park (in The Kimberly), Emma Gorge is a hidden swimming gem that not a lot of travellers know about.

You’ll need to hike for about an hour to get to the waterfall and gorge, but once there, swimming in the clear waters is spectacular. Cabins nearby also offer a great accommodation option.

Lake McKenzie, Queensland 

There’s no shortage of swimming destinations when you’re in Queensland and no place like the Great Barrier Reef. But on Fraser Island, you’ll also find the unique swimming spot of Lake McKenzie.

This lake is perched, meaning it’s only filled with clear rainwater. Oh, and sparkling, soft sand. And if you’re keen to camp out this summer, Lake McKenzie is a fantastic spot.

Phillip Island, Victoria

There’s lots to do on Philip Island – from eating out to watching the penguin parade – but a swim at one of the island’s beaches is a must.

The northern end of the island is great for casual swimming and splashing (ideal if you’ve got kids) while the south side is the place to be for surfers, boogie boarders and more serious swimmers.

Clovelly Beach & Bay, New South Wales

There are two awesome reasons to head to Clovelly. First, it’s a breathtaking beach spot that is just as beautiful, but often less crowded (and less as touristy) as Bondi and Coogee. Second, it serves as a great place to snorkel and spot groupers, starfish and Port Jackson sharks.

Gunlom Falls, Northern Territory

Swimming in the Kakadu is truly inspiring, and it’s an incredible way to get in touch with Australia’s natural side. Gunlom is situated on Waterfall Creek and includes (as the name suggests) a gorgeous waterfall-filled plunge pool you’re welcome to take a dip in any time you like. The top of the waterfall offers impressive views, and there’s also a picnic area and solar-heated showers nearby.

Vivonne Bay, South Australia

Long, white beaches and stunning blue waters make Vivonne Bay, on the southern end of Kangaroo Island, a wonderful place to swim, relax and get away from it all. One of the most interesting perks about this beach is that it sits close to two conservation parks (Vivonne Bay and Seal Bay), as well as the tiny desert known as Little Sahara.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Wineglass Bay is known for being one of the top places to visit in Tassie thanks to its glittering waters, pristine sand and pink granite cliffs known as The Hazards. A swim here can be superbly refreshing, but bear in mind that the waters of Tasmania can get very cold, even in summer. A wetsuit is recommended – or a really fast dip if you don’t have one!

Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

On the east coast, it’s all about the Great Barrier. But if you’re on the northwestern coast of the country, Ningaloo Reef takes centre stage. Although diving and snorkeling are the top activities here (and we recommend both!) swimming in the reef at destinations like Coral Bay and Exmouth are just as rewarding.

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