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Just how high would you be willing to go on your next walk? These glorious walkways around the world practically ascend into the heavens – and they’ll provide you with some of the most extraordinary views on Earth!

1) Footpath of the Flowers, Italy

Set 3,000 metres up in the air, this stunning path is part of Italy’s Adamello ski region – and it features two aerial walkways, one 55 metres long and the other 75 metres long. Views are spectacular, offering sights all the way from the Dolomites to the Matterhorn.

2) Bavarian National Forest Treetop Walk, Germany

You’ll get to stroll through the canopies of Bavaria on this incredible treetop walkway, which runs for 1,300 metres and eventuates in a winding tree tower 44 metres up. There are a few adventurous (though safe) optional challenges along the way too, like rope bridges. The great thing about this walk, though, is that it’s incredibly accessible – even with prams and wheelchairs.

3) Capilano Bridge & Cliffwalk, Canada

In northern Vancouver, this walk involves both a 70-metre high suspension bridge (which has been hanging about since 1889) and a narrow pathway – the Cliffwalk – that meanders along the side of the granite cliffs. Can’t get enough? The Treetops Adventure here will also take you around 33 metres up into the trees, where you can ogle at the gigantic Douglas Firs.

4) Stegastein Viewpoint Tour, Norway

 If stunning fjord views are what you’re after, make sure the Stegastein viewpoint – which rests 650 metres over the Aurlandsfjord – is on your Flam itinerary. Aim for summer if you want to combine your viewpoint tour with a fjord cruise or go in winter to see magnificent snow-capped mountains up close.

5) Maijishan Grottoes Stairway, China

We’ve all heard of the terrifying cliffside paths of Tianmen Mountain, but this Escher-ish staircase system on the cliff face of Maijishan in northern China can be just as rewarding. You’ll discover ancient grottoes with religious sculptures inside, as well as huge Buddhist statues carved into the mountainside.

6) Suspension Bridge & ‘Stairway to Nothingness,’ Austria

Get your kicks on the ighest suspension bridge in Austria, which you’ll find swinging above the Dachstein glacier. This breathtaking walkway will take you high up into the mountains, where the drop below you is 400 metres straight down.

It all culminates at the Stairway to Nothingness, a series of 14 steps that ends in a glass viewing platform that hangs right over the glacier. Yikes!

7) Half Dome Hike, U.S.

Touring Yosemite is essentially like exploring a world of its own and the Half Dome is awaiting adventurous hikers. This huge rock sits about 5,000 feet above Yosemite Valley (and around 8,000 metres above sea level) and hikers must use cables to climb up to the summit.

Tip: This trek is not for the faint-hearted – it borders 25km in total and takes around 10-12 hours to go up and back down!

8) Arenal Sky Walk, Costa Rica

South America’s rainforests are some of the best in the world, and the Arenal sky walk is definitely the way to explore from up high. This tour-walk runs over 3.6km, and encompasses 5 bridges and 2 waterfall viewpoints. If you’re super adventurous, other activities here include zip lining, kayaking and canyoning.

9) Peak Walk, Switzerland

Ever wanted to saunter from one mountain peak to another? Now you can! Just head to Glacier 3000 for the Peak Walk and jump onto the first ever suspension bridge in the world to connect two mountain peaks. This attraction is open year-long and is free of charge. The views, as you can imagine, are unspeakably beautiful.