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We all know about the infamous London Eye, but these other beautiful Ferris wheels around the world will have you reeling with wonder…

1. Niagara SkyWheel, Canada

In Clifton Hill, Ontario, this marvellous wheel rises 53 metres above ground and offers spectacular views of Niagara Falls, including Horseshoe Falls and American Falls.

Take this ride during the day if you want to see the falls and surrounds or at night if you prefer the lights of Clifton Hill and the Niagara horizon.

Fee: Adults $11 / Kids $7  

2. Melbourne Star, Australia

What better way to see Melbourne in all its glory than on a Ferris wheel? The Melbourne Star originally opened in 2008 and features a star with 7 spokes, representing the same star on the Aussie flag.

If you’re there during 07/and 08/this year, make sure you grab a Friday night ride to view the fireworks!

Fee: Adults $32 / Kids $19 / Kids under 4 years free

3. Big-O Ferris Wheel, Japan

If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo Dome City, the Big-O will be waiting! What’s so great about this wheel? Well, other than being a huge 60 metres in diameter, it’s also centre-less (just imagine an egg ring). And Tokyo’s biggest rollercoaster – the Thunder Dolphin – screams right through its middle!

Fee: Adults ¥820  

4. Brighton Wheel, UK

England’s prettiest coastal town of the south is home to this wheel, which sits right out on the Brighton Pier, 50 metres above sea level. Rides here offer a double bonus of both city and ocean views.

Why go on this one? Because it’s a world-touring wheel – it was previously installed in destinations like Paris and South Africa before making its way to the UK.

Fee: Adults £8 / Kids  £2-6.50

5. Pripyat Ferris Wheel, Ukraine

So, you might not get to go on this one, but its abandonment makes it all the more alluring. The Pripyat Amusement Park closed down due to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 – which means that this Ferris wheel hasn’t been ridden since.

Despite its inactivity, the Ferris wheel has become an iconic image of the Chernobyl incident, and today, the best way to see it is via a booked tour.

Fee: n/a

6. Wiener Riesenrad, Austria

Beautiful Vienna offers up this astounding Ferris wheel, which has been rotating since 1897. Built to celebrate the Emperor’s Golden Jubilee, it suffered significant damage during WWII and now only 15 of the original 30 gondolas remain. Still, it makes for an incredible ride, with stunning sights of the Vienna skyline.

Fee: Adults €9 / Kids €4

7. Singapore Flyer, Singapore

The dazzling Singapore Flyer is a whopping 165 metres tall. How tall is that exactly? Just envisage a 42-storey skyscraper. Other than offering up great views of Sing, the Flyer also conforms to the beliefs of Feng Shui – it has 28 gondolas and 28 represents ‘double prosperity’ in Cantonese.

But the best thing about this wheel is that you can turn it into an experience – on board you can enjoy cocktails, high teas or even a 4-course dinner!

Fee: Adults $33 / Kids $21 (cocktails and meals on board incur more costs)

8. Pacific Wheel, USA

This wheel is more famously known as the Ferris wheel in the iconic amusement park that sits on the Santa Monica Pier. From the top, you’ll get beautiful views of Pacific Park, Santa Monica and Catalina Island. Most impressively, this wheel is apparently the only one in the world to be solar powered.

Fee: You will need to purchase a park pass – Adults and kids over 8 years $27 / Kids 7 years and under $15 

9. Tianjin Eye, China

Welcome to the world’s only Ferris wheel on a bridge. The Tianjin Eye is an amazing 120-metre tall wheel that sits on the Yongle Bridge and spans across Hai River. Taking 30 minutes to complete one rotation, this is a ride you won’t easily forget – but go at night for more impressive and colourful city views.

Fee: ¥70