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Living in the tree tops 05/be the norm for a monkey, a possum or even a leopard, but what about a human being? Watch as your childhood dreams come to life with these amazing tree houses from around the world!

1. Free Spirit Spheres, Canada

If you’re keen to be a “free spirit” amongst nature, staying in one of these suspended spherical tree houses will be the ultimate treat! Located within the forests of Vancouver Island, this adult-focused lodge will make you feel like you’re in a strange fairy tale-ish world.

2. The Bird’s Nest, Sweden

Nestled in the pine forest of Harads in the country’s north, the Bird’s Nest is a popular tree house location where two unique experiences – living the trees and viewing the Northern Lights – are possible. Other rooms located in this same hotel include the Mirrorcube, the Blue Cone, the Dragonfly and the UFO. Weird!

3. The Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand

If you fancy eating in one of the coolest tree houses ever, just head to the Redwoods or ‘Yellow’ Treehouse in northern Auckland, New Zealand. This tree house restaurant sits up in a 40-metre high redwood tree and will really take your dining experience to new heights! You’ll have to book a function or a dinner here for at least 30 people, however, if you want to take advantage of this tree top experience.

4. The HemLoft, Canada

Who’s Joel Allen, you ask? Well, he was a bit of a nobody until he built this tree house! Joel is a carpenter who designed and created this amazing tree house in Whistler (mostly because he was bored) and pretty much became famous for it. This tree house wonder has been featured in dozens of architectural magazines around the world and is considered one of the coolest tree houses around.

5. Too High Tea House, Japan

Too high up or not high enough? This nifty storybook-like tree house come tea house stands atop just two chestnut tree trunk stilts in the region of Chino, Japan. Created by famed Japanese architect, Terunobu Fujimori, the only way to get up to this tree house is to climb up a long, free-standing ladder. Would you dare?

6. Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

This magnificent tree top eco-lodge in southern Costa Rica offers visitors a rustic retreat amidst the canopies of the rainforest – and it’s so remote that guests are only given directions to its location once they have booked in! Exploring the glorious natural surroundings of Costa Rica – including valleys, rivers, waterfalls and mountains – is one of the best reasons to visit this tree lodge.

7. The Crazy House, Vietnam

The Crazy House is a tree hotel in Dalat, Vietnam, that has actually been built inside a tree. Inside, guests are greeted with various tunnels and nooks and are invited to explore and enjoy. It’s a bit of a weird, maze-like wonderland, but at least it offers a unique “in-tree” accommodation experience!

8. Beach Rock Tree House, Japan

Would you build a tree house to try and communicate with outer space aliens? Well known tree house creator Kobayashi Takashi did just that in 2005 when he designed this tree house at the Beach Rock Resort in Okinawa. The house itself is covered in mirrored plexiglass that reflects the colours of the trees and surroundings. Of course, it’s also become a popular tourist attraction.