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Around the world, you can usually spot a shopping mall from a mile off. And yet would you ever guess that the following crazy buildings are actually shopping centres inside?

Krzywy Domek, Poland

This warped looking building is part of the Rezydent shopping centre in Warsaw and consistently tops lists for its strange architecture. Inspired by the fairy tale illusions of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg, this wacky building looks more like a wonky hallucination than a mall.

Canal City, Japan

The pink-and-blue striped buildings that house the Canal City shopping centre resemble the work of a mad pastry chef more than they do a retail destination. Showcasing a dizzying array of brightly coloured curves, this surreal looking complex also features a 180-foot canal that runs through the middle of the mall.

The Grand Canal Shoppes, USA

This gorgeous Las Vegas shopping mall is the next best thing to being in Venice, especially since it’s designed to resemble Italy’s most famous and romantic city. Featuring a network of indoor and outdoor canals, which mean you can ride gondolas from shop to shop, this impressive high end mall sees over 20 million visitors each year.

Zlote Tarasy, Poland

This Warsaw shopping mall is one of the city’s finest examples of modern architecture. One side of the building has been made entirely from glass and has been designed to look like an enormous wave, creating a stunning landmark that can be seen from afar.

Morocco Mall, Morocco

From every angle the Morocco Mall is weird, wonderful and glamorous, and from the outside it looks like a gigantic UFO, especially at night. Apart from being home to a wide array of shops, this popular complex also has its own gigantic aquarium that shoppers can go scuba diving in! Talk about a cool shopping experience…

Whampoa, Hong Kong

At first glance the Whampoa shopping centre appears to be a huge ship moored in Kowloon Bay, but on closer inspection this is actually one of Hong Kong’s most popular malls. This creatively designed retail destination is home to more than 300 shops and has everything from fine dining and high-end apparel to kids’ shops and food court-ish eats.

Gum, Russia

Situated right in the midst of Moscow’s Red Square, you’d probably think this building was some kind of political home or palace. But alas, it’s a shopping centre, home to a huge collection of high-end retail stores. It also looks spectacular at night.

Il Vulcano Buono, Italy

Volcano? Shopping mall? How about a bit of both! This Italian construction was designed in 2007 to resemble the real life Mt. Vesuvius and is a shopping centre, cinema and hotel in one. Known as “the Good Volcano”, it also contains plenty of bars and restaurants and from the inside, the view is just as circular and amazing.