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What creeps you out more – secret UFO sites, stones that move on their own or freakish oceans that make ships vanish? These eerily mysterious places around the world are very real and very visit-able for travellers … but only if you dare!

1. Bermuda Triangle – North Atlantic Ocean

It’s at the centre of crazy conspiracies and weird historical disappearances, and the Bermuda Triangle is indeed a mysterious place to be. Many naval ships and aircraft carriers have vanished here, and reasons vary from supernatural occurrences and violent storms to stupid human errors and even alien abductions! Explore at your own risk.


2. Death Valley – California, USA

Death Valley and Racetrack Playa are home to none other than Earth’s mysterious sailing stones – rocks that actually travel across the ground on their own, leaving their tracks behind them. This cool geological phenomenon is still unexplained, but many scientists put it down to either strong winds, solid ice movements or heat conductivity.


3. McMurdo Dry Valleys – Victoria, Antarctica

You think the whole of Antarctica is ice and snow, don’t you? Well it is – except at the McMurdo Dry Valleys! This patch of snowless ground, located in the Victoria Land region, is actually a desert. A desert in the middle of Antarctica? Weird…


4. Stone Henge – Wiltshire, UK

As humans, we seem to know a lot about our origins and evolution, but the giant rocks of Stone Henge continue to baffle us to this day. Who built them? When? Why are they there? And do they really have mystical powers? No one knows, but archaeologists believe that they were constructed as early as 3,000 B.C.


5. Mystery Spot – Santa Cruz, California

What you will discover at the Mystery Spot in California is a mystery within itself. This attraction is a popular one for tourists and is famed for supposedly defying laws of gravity and physics. It’s a place where everything seems oddly tilted and water even flows upwards! Unfortunately, it’s not really all that mysterious – the attraction is really just a big optical illusion. Still fun, though!


6. Nazca Lines – Nazca Desert, Peru

We all know that ancient cultures have dabbled in various forms of art and drawing, but the Nazca Lines are in a class all of their own. Believed to have been carved sometime between 400 and 650 A.D., these huge geoglyphs depict various patterns and animals, such as monkeys, sharks, birds and lizards. Today, no one really knows why they were created.


7. Bigelow Ranch – Utah, USA

Calling all conspiracy theorists! Bigelow Ranch (once known as Skinwalker Ranch) is apparently home to dozens of supernatural and UFO occurrences – including ghost sightings, cattle mutilations, UFO and ‘floating orb’ spottings and even bullet-resistant animals. We’ll leave it up to you decide whether you believe it all or not…


8. Surtsey – Iceland

What’s so mysterious about this little island, which sits at the southern tip of Iceland? What about the fact that it didn’t even exist until 11/1963! And no, it’s not man made. Surtsey is actually the result of an underwater volcano eruption, which lasted for almost 4 years, leaving this tiny patch of land in its wake.