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We read about these places, hear stories and probably only visit them in our dreams. These are some of the most exclusive places in the world and are only open to the elite few, the super-rich or the highly adventurous.

Buckingham Palace

The official residence of Queen Elizabeth II and one of the best known royal buildings in the world. Thousands of tourists flock to the gates to witness the regular Changing of the Guard. However the majority of the 775 room palace remains off-limits to the public. Don’t even try sneaking into the Queen’s bedroom when she takes the beloved Corgis out – regular patrols of the building are carried out for security measures. Better stay behind the gates!

Tomb of Genghis Khan

The legendary Mongol leader, known for his barbaric nature, was one of history’s most feared soldiers. Unfortunately for Mongolian tourism, the resting place of the once great leader has never been uncovered. He was buried under supreme secrecy in an attempt to keep his soul protected. This has remained an ongoing dilemma for historians.

Virgin Galactic

Unfortunately the moon is geographically out of reach for all but the elite few who become astronauts. For those who aren’t gifted in the fields of mathematics and science the next best thing is a Virgin Galactic commercial space flight which offers all the perks, of luxury space travel and adventure. However, with a price tag of $200,000 USD, this option is still limited to the elite few and most of us can only dream of heading out into space.

Moscow Metro 2

At times nicknamed ‘Stalin’s greatest secret’; its existence has remained unconfirmed to this day. The secret underground metro system was created in the Cold War and used as a secret method of transportation by the Kremlin and FSB (Federal Security Service). This secret system has all the makings of a spy blockbuster – but even Hollywood seems scared to take this one on!

Air Force One

Air Force one is the most well-known exclusive private jet used by the President of the United States. Boasting a fully equipped conference room, comfortable beds, in flight kitchen (so no pre-packaged meals) there is certainly no jet lag after a flight on this plane. Unless you’re the Presidents family, other specially invited guests or the Presidents pet cat, it is unlikely you will ever step on board.

Club 33

Club 33 is a private club located in the New Orleans section of the Californian Disneyland theme park. Joining fees can be upwards of USD $10,000 but come with the coveted perks of a single private parking space … definitely money well spent in my opinion! But don’t expect to be pulling up any time soon; there is a 14 year waiting list!


The K2 is not your typical exclusive location. This is a no membership required, no perks offered and basically anyone can visit this location. So why is it so ‘exclusive’? The K2 (or the Savage Mountain), is a ‘climb at your own risk’ type location. Although in no way hidden or secret the number of dangers to even the most experienced mountaineers is enough to keep most people away. K2 presents life threatening situations coupled with altitude sickness, weather and wind. In particular, the higher regions require substantial time is spent in the death zone (altitudes higher than 26,000 feat!), where isn’t enough oxygen to sustain human life.

Written by: Justin Hendry