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With the global spectacle that is the Olympics just around the corner, Rio will be experiencing an influx of tourists. So for the sports fans out there, here are some of the biggest and best sporting events that you have to experience live.

Olympic Games

With both Summer and Winter editions every 4 years, the Olympics are considered by many as  the pinnacle of global sporting competition.

More than 10,500 athletes from 206 nations will compete at the Rio games in 2016 joined by a predicted half a million tourists in an epic celebration of athletic ability.

With over 300 events, there are sports to interest most people. The jewel in the Olympic crown is the 100m sprint final, a true bucket list event.

Coming off the back of hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Rio will be looking to show off its carnival atmosphere once again.

FIFA World Cup

The top tournament for the world’s most popular sport, Football, the FIFA World Cup occurs every 4 years. It sees the top 32 national teams compete to be named champions of the world.

Passionate fans descend on the host nation to witness the festival of football, with large outdoor festivals held for those unable to secure match tickets.

Brazil is the most successful nation with 5 wins, being chased down by reigning and 4 time champions Germany.

Le Mans 24 Hours

The most prestigious automobile race in the world, the Le Mans 24 Hour Race sees 50 cars across four classes compete to survive a whole days racing.

The test of endurance sees teams race through the night, all hoping for a shot at victory when the sun rises.The week long celebration of speed has a festival atmosphere with many activities on and off track for the roughly 250,000 visitors.

If you’re looking for a well rounded trip, the beautiful Le Mans area also has many historic landmarks for you to enjoy an extended stay.

Super Bowl

The annual playoff to decide the champion team of the United States’ National Football League, the modern day Super Bowl is known as much for its half time theatrics as the game itself.

With recent performers including Beyoncé, Coldplay and Madonna, the Superbowl proves to be an entertainment extravaganza.

Although, if you’re looking to attend this iconic event, you might want to start saving now as the cheapest tickets usually sell for USD$3,000

Le Tour de France

A bicycle race over 100 years old, the Tour de France sees over 200 riders cover various routes through France.

Winding through the French Pyrenees and Alps and finishing at the iconic Champs-Élysées, following the Tour is a great way for tourists to see France.

However, spare a thought for the riders, who cover 3,500km in 21 days, with no chance to stop and admire the view.

The Championships, Wimbledon

Being the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon is steeped in tradition.

With a distinct lack of advertising around the courts and an all white dress code for players ‘The Championships’ area dream event for  tennis and sporting purists alike.

If you are lucky enough to get tickets to centre court, make sure to try the traditional spectator treat of strawberries and cream.