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Lollipops. Gummies. Chocolates. Jellybeans. Cookies. And more! If you’ve ever dreamed of being a kid in a literal candy store, these exquisitely sweet and colourful shopping destinations around the world were made for you.

1. Candylicious, Singapore

Their slogan is ‘Eat Happy’ – and when you visit Candylicious, it’s entirely doable!

This decadent candy store can be found in three locations throughout Singapore – Resorts World Sentosa is probably the best, but also check out Takashimaya Shopping Centre and Vivo City.

At the Resorts World entrance, artificial trees dangle with bigger-than-life lollypops, and inside you’ll find over 800sqm of lolly goodness.

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 2. Dylan’s Candy Bar, New York

What do you do when you’re the daughter of a fashion god? You become a candy master!

Dylan Lauren’s candy bars have become a sweet American staple, and its flagship shop can be found in New York (with other store branches found in Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles).

Visiting these shops is something akin to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, and the brand boasts over 7,000 confections. We bet Dad, Ralph Lauren, is pretty proud.

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3. SugarSin, London 

When in Covent Garden … eat lollies! Sweets and chocolates abound at SugarSin, with lollies both imported from elsewhere and handcrafted by the shopkeepers themselves.

There are dozens of sweet shops in London, but SugarSin stands out from the crowd for its dedication to avoiding artificial colours, flavours, gluten, gelatine and GMO ingredients in its products.

Can’t make it to Covent Garden? You’ll also find a second sinful location at Shoreditch!

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4. La Cure Gourmande, Paris 

With cookies, madeleines, candied fruit, chocolates and candies (among others), it’s hard to go wrong at La Cure Gourmande, the place to visit for traditional French confectionary.

This beautiful brand first sprung up in 1989 and now sports shops from Vienna to Dubai to Seoul (with the flagship shop found in Bercy Village, Paris).

All of La Cure Gourmande’s products are handmade in their workshops in the south of France, resulting in truly artisan indulgences.

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5. Al Baba Sweets, Lebanon and Dubai

Ever wanted to treat yourself to delicious Arabic sweets and delicacies? If you’re in the Middle East, Al Baba Sweets is where it’s all at!

In this shop, you’ll find an amazing variety of desserts and candies, like baklava, maamoul, Arabic cookies, Tunisian jewels covered in sugar, and chocolate covered dates. Oh, plus French cakes and Italian-inspired ice creams.

The first Al Baba candy chain opened in 1950 and while the original stores can be found in Lebanon, you’ll also find shops across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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6. Sugarfina, Los Angeles

Say hello to candy intertwined with high-end luxury. At Sugarfina, you’ll find the craziest, most opulent lollies – like peach bellini gummies, maple bourbon caramels, sea salt liquorice, and even 24-carat champagne marshmallows.

Founders Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick met on a dating website in 2010 and conceived Sugarfina on their third date (talk about sweet chemistry!). The brand now has a huge range of locations throughout the U.S., but its original creme de la crème spot can be found in Beverly Hills.

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