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A movie like ‘The Hangover’ has inspired boy’s trips to Las Vegas and Thailand. ‘Sex and the City’ has turned New York into the dream destination for all young, single and fashion hungry ladies. ‘Indiana Jones’ has played on the adventurous travellers; and what kid doesn’t want to find a way to swim with Nemo and Dory after watching ‘Finding Nemo

Without even realizing it, a simple movie could be just what you need to inspire your next holiday adventure


Into the Wild

Calls on all rebellious adventurers to take a hike and live the ‘Alaskan Odyssey’. Journey with Chris, as he renounces the modern word to live in the wilderness – No fantasy needed in this one as it is based on a true story. During his life he visits the power grain elevator in Carthage, survives a flash flood, paddles a canoe down the stretch of the Colorado River to the Gulf of California and crosses the border of Mexico before settling down in a rundown van on the mountains, hunting game meat for survival and crafting his meditation within nature.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Set in India, the film revolves around a handful of elderly characters who are promised a palace ‘The Marigold Hotel’. Scenes from the Marigold Market (or flowers bazzar), showcase traditional spicy chillies, amazing foods, incredible colour palettes and the hustle and bustle of the market. Beyond the outskirts of Jaipur, the film also shows breath taking footage of a watering hole near Amer fort and shimmering Lake Picola. This film will inspire you to take the ‘not so ordinary’ journey around India – away from the typical sites and search for the beauty and wonders in these hidden gems. If you are feeling a little nervous about venturing off the typical tourist routes – just remember one of the best lines in the film … “Everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not all right, it is not the end”.

Under the Tuscan Sun

Cuddle up with a special someone or treat yourself to a glass of wine as you breathe in the extraordinary countryside of Tuscany in the film ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. This movie is made for the romantics – a perfect setting for a couple’s getaway. Featuring an organic vineyard and beautifully crafted gardens, the scenery is breathtaking. You will laugh yourself silly alongside an Americans struggle to maintain the Italian customs of harvesting and picking from an organic vineyard. The film moves through Cortona and showcases the amazing architecture of convents and cathedrals built in the 13th century.


Samsara is a silent documentary and a catalyst for adventure. Shot in twenty five different countries travelling through places of worship and religion – Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, Galata Mevlevi Temple in Turkey. The movie captures history and disaster in City of the Dead in Egypt; natural wonders at Lake Magadi in Kenya and the amazing Iguazu falls in Argentina. The gorgeous imagery is intimate with vivid colours absorbing you into a kind of meditation with no dialogue, just traditional and enchanting music.

Whale Rider and Finding Nemo

Set the kids up on the couch and prep them with New Zealand jitters as you journey with Pai in ‘Whale rider’. Shot in Whangara, Auckland, the ambience is captured like a reality. The sweep of the bay, the island and its close resemblance to a whale, the meeting houses, the number of houses that are present and most importantly the legendary people of the land. Your children will be asking for those snorkels sooner than expected!

And if NZ isn’t within budget, don’t forget about our beautiful landscape right here in Australia which was so brilliantly showcased by Nemo and Dory. The Great Barrier Reef is a great place to go.

Written by: Danielle Fanuli

Danielle Fanuli- “to learn is to travel”. My favourite place to date has been sitting on an Island in the Great Barrier Reef and seeing an endless horizon. I embrace nature, I prefer imaginary to reality and enjoy a good visual to any spoken word. I’m a curious individual, love to read; thrive on new information, new culture and new music. My life’s composed of whims and impulses driven by passion; I’m a wandering photographer, food styler via instagram, slow project builder via blogger and organic eater.