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Are you a fan of scary movies? Or do you just like feeling the chills? Well read on, because these spooky sites are real haunted houses that you can actually spend a night in! Beware though, these houses weren’t just built in the spirit of Halloween, they are ridden with real-life tragedies and are haunted by genuine ghosts.

Here are 6 of the world’s most terrifying destinations that will scare even the most disbelieving visitor!

Monte Christo Homestead- New South Wales, Australia

This historic property is claimed to be the most haunted house in Australia and is explored by many ghost hunters. The most dominant ghost in the homestead is that of the owner, Mrs Crawley. Her ghost is known to loudly order people out of the dining room and her presence is felt when a room suddenly turns icy cold! Today, there are reports of ghostly figures, strange lights, and phantom sounds.

Ballygally Castle- Northern Ireland

James Shaw built this 17th century castle, and then promptly locked his wife away in a room in the castle and let her starve to death. Lady Isobel Shaw now haunts guests of the castle, which has since been turned into a hotel. Another ghost, Madame Nixon, also wanders around the castle in her silk dress. Many visitors have said they have seen more ghosts than guests in the hotel.

The Rose Hall House- Montego Bay, Jamaica

The ghost of Annie Palmer haunts the grounds of Rose Hall, along with many of her victims. Annie moved into the house in 1820 and was known for her barbaric treatment of slaves and husbands, she supposedly killed three husbands and many male plantation slaves. Many visitors today claim to see blood splatters all around the house.

Ruthin Castle- Denbighshire, Wales

This red fort has seen over 400 years of tragedies occur, including the execution of a jealous wife who murdered her husband’s lover with an ax on the grounds. There is also a drowning pit, a whipping pit, and dungeons located in this castle. Visitors have reported footsteps, mysterious noises, and seeing the ghost of the jealous wife roaming the ground.

The Bell Farm- Tennessee, USA

There are varied stories around the history of hauntings on Bell Farm. But most focus a witch named Kate, who frequently cursed the Bell family. Accounts in 1886 report hearing sounds in the walls and animals being spooked with no visible reason. There have been several movies based on Kate, now dubbed the “Bell Witch”– the most popular being An American Haunting and the Blair Witch Project was also loosely based on this legend.

Matilda House- Punggol, Singapore

Originally built in 1902 by an Irish Lawyer as a weekend resort for his family, this once grand house stands alone in the wilderness today. No one has lived on this property since the 70s, and it is rumored that anyone who dares to try and enter will be killed by the evil spirits that occupy the house.

If you have the nerve to visit any of these houses remember to look out for ghosts, unusual noises, and don’t expect a quiet night’s sleep!

Happy, haunted travels!

Written by Peggy Olson