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Are you one of those quirky travellers who loves to stock up on keepsakes, from souvenirs to subway maps to ticket stubs? If so, go beyond throwing them in a box! Here’s how:

1. Create a memory jar

All you need is a large jar with a big opening at the top. You can then fill it with anything you want, like seashells or keyrings, photos, coins and souvenirs. If you have multiple jars, creating different themes per jar (beach, city, nature) can be a good idea. When you’re done, display the jars in a decorative way around your home. Tip: If you find the objects are falling around inside the jar, use sand or marbles to keep them upright.

2. Make drink coasters

This is a cool little craft project for your photos and other paper-ish memorabilia! Simply buy as many plain ceramic tiles as you need. Apply clear ceramic glue to the front of the tile, and stick your photo (or keepsake) on top and press flat. Once the glue has fully dried, spray or brush with a clear, water-resistant sealant. Place felt, cork or foam pads on the back to prevent scratching. And voilà! Tip: These can make a great gift! Just tie a set with ribbon or arrange into a box with tissue paper.

3. Cover those books

What to do with all those leftover maps?! Street maps, transport maps and any other maps you’ve accumulated can make wonderful book coverings! You can cover any book you like, from notebooks to travel journals to novels. Tip: To get your coverings to last longer, cover your chosen book with a map, then cover it again with clear book contact.

4. Frame your keepsakes

This might sound a little straightforward, but the trick here is to make your framed pic 3D! Just find a thick frame with enough space between the backing board and the glass or plastic to fit your desired souvenirs. Use glue to secure your travel knick-knacks to the board and then slide it into the frame for the perfect hangable framed memory! Tip: If your background is looking a little too empty, try using postcards or photos or a map to jazz it up.

5. Hang a washing line

This is a unique way to decorate your wall and make use of those keepsakes! You’ll simply need twine, string or rope (or anything that suits) and a bunch of wooden pegs or other clips. When you get home from holiday, simply hang your line and then peg up your photos and paper items. You can then use extra string to hang any souvenirs too. Tip: Hang your line on a wall that’s not in direct sunlight. Otherwise, over time, the sunlight will make your images fade.

6. Go green

Things like small pots, bowls, containers and even wooden clogs can make wonderful souvenirs – and household pot plants! If you’ve got a few of these souvenirs lying around, you can easily turn them into beautiful little planters with a bit of soil and love. When you’re done, top the soil with pebbles for extra protection and a nicer finish. The plants can be displayed in the garden or around the home on shelves or windowsills. Tip: Choose hardy plants that thrive all year round so that your project won’t “die off” in the winter or summer.