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Pools that never end, seas that let you float and lakes that change colour! Say goodbye to the ordinary beach and check out some of these mind blowing locations.

The Pink Lake – Western Australia

Hubba bubba! The Pink Lake Hillier in Western Australia is a solid pink bubble gum lake the size of two football fields. A sanctuary surrounded by thick woodlands of paperback and eucalyptus trees and the good news – you can swim in it! Scientists are still struggling to explain the colour of this lake. Some have speculated that the salt lakes beauty is either due to a red bacteria in the salt crusts or a dye given off by an organism present in its body.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea bordering Jordan to the east and Israel to the west contains an extremely high content of salt that if you take a dip you’ll stay afloat. Take down your favourite book and put your legs up while you enjoy a relaxing spa-like experience with the Dead salts rejuvenating and therapeutic salts and minerals. This lake is where one of the most highly sought out beauty products come from!

Five-Flower Lake

The magical changing waters of Five-Flower Lake changes from a goose-feather yellow, to a frog green to a diamond clear blue. Located in Jiuzhaigon National Park, it’s one of China’s most prized possessions. The lakes floor is criss-crossed with fallen tree trunks and is about eight kilometers long. The Chinese believe that it holds enchantment powers, as it doesn’t freeze over in the winter, flood during rain season or dry during autumn and summer.

Palau Island

Who watched Finding Nemo and was jealous of the scene where Dory and Nemo jumped on the Jellyfish to get home? Pack your bags because on an island called Palau located in the Pacific Ocean you can do just this! These golden jellyfish have a sting that is too mild to feel and feed off photosynthetic bacteria allowing them to breed like crazy. You can snorkel, dive or just float among hundreds of jellyfish that can’t hurt you.

Pitch Lake of Trinidad

In the Pitch Lake of Trinidad you too can walk on water. There’s nothing too biblical about it, the lake is just simply the world’s largest natural deposit of asphalt! The mechanics behind it is that the lighter parts of the oil are believed to evaporate, and then the bacteria grows and is added to the thick remainders.

Fifty five story infinity pool

Singapore’s fifty-five story infinity pool is three times the length of an Olympic pool, and perched on a boat shaped platform at the top of Marina Bay Sands three-tower development, the world’s most expensive hotel. The platform itself is longer than the Eiffel tower laid down and provides a breathtaking opportunity to look out on the whole country with mouth gapping awe.

By Danielle Fanuli – to learn is to travel. My favourite place has been sitting on an Island in the Great Barrier Reef and seeing an endless horizon. I’m currently an ntern at InsureandGo and a curious individual whose life is composed of whims and impulses driven by passion. At the moment I’m visiting a new organic eatery every week and saving money to travel to Tahiti.