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We all love the big ones like Niagara, Victoria and even Iguazu, but these other wonderful waterfalls around the world have much to say in the way of beauty and magnificence.

Bigar Cascade Falls, Romania

In the south of Romania, this gorgeous waterfall cascades down over a mountainous bed of moss just south of the Anina Mountains. In an amazing geographic feat, it also lies exactly halfway between the equator and the north pole.


Asik-Asik Falls, Philippines

This giant wall of luscious greenery gives birth to one of the most dazzling falls in the Philippines, Asik-Asik. Located in Alamada in Northern Cotabato, these falls come not from a river or stream, but from within the mountainside itself. Amazing!


Horsetail Fall, USA

Hidden away in the Yosemite National Park on El Capitan, this incredible waterfall is best viewed during evenings in February each year. Why? Thanks to the position of the setting sun, it appears to glow bright orange and gives off the impression of flowing lava. It’s no wonder photographers flock here each year.


Ban Gioc-Detian Falls, China 

Looks like a scene from paradise, doesn’t it? A series of giant, green stepped formations are the site of this majestic waterfall that rests right on the border of China and Vietnam. With a drop of 30 metres, the falls flow into a deep pool below – where local villagers often fish.


Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

In the Kaieteur National Park, this glorious waterfall on the Potaro River is one of the most powerful and fast flowing in the world. It pours 30,000 gallons per second over a 251-metre high cliff. The untouched rainforests that surround it make a journey to Kaieteur highly memorable.


Gullfoss Waterfall, Iceland

Falling in two stages that are naturally set at 90* angles, the Gullfoss Waterfall rests in southern Iceland, on the Hvítá River. A canyon 70 metres in height gives form to this waterfall, which originates from Iceland’s second-largest glacier, the Langjökull.


Stirling Falls, New Zealand

It might not be as high, wide or fast as some of its flowing counterparts, but the Stirling Falls on New Zealand’s south island are a must see if you’re touring Milford Sound. Set deep in the sound, this waterfall is only glimpse-able via a cruise boat or helicopter flight.


Doorn River Waterfall, Africa

On the Northern Cape of South Africa, this waterfall plunges straight out of a cliff and into the river 90 metres below. 


Alamere Falls, USA

On the Californian coast, it’s possible to find a tidefall waterfall that flows straight down onto a beach and into the ocean. Situated in Marin County, Alamere Falls is accessed via a hiking trail – and if it’s warm, a swim in the ocean is recommended!


Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Lebanon

Head to Tannourine and you’ll find this unique waterfall gushing straight down for 255 metres into the Cave of Three Bridges (or the Baatara Pothole) – which was formed by limestone in the Jurassic era. To see this fall, you’ll need to be around in March and April, when the snows of Mount Lebanon melt.