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No matter where in the world you go, there will always be an exciting array of travellers on a journey with you. From the talkative ones to the ones who can’t seem to get off their phones, here’s a rundown of the crazy tourists you can meet on your way:

1. The Annoying Talker 

You’ll likely meet this traveller in a queue or waiting area. Chances are, he/she’ll end up next to you on the plane, bus or train – and will talk your ear off for the entire trip. Headphones and faking sleep are the only real solutions here.

2. The Clinger

Ever said ‘hello’ to someone on your travels only to discover they’re going it solo and suddenly want to hang with you or your group 24/7? You’ve met the Clinger! These happy-go-lucky travellers are usually harmless, but they 05/just follow you to your next destination… and the next…

3. The Overhead Locker Desperado

You know the ones – they’ve got three chunky bags and they push their way to the front of lines and queues so they can hog all the overhead lock space. Usually, they’re too cheap or in too much of a rush to run their bags through check-in and prefer to instead treat the aircraft like their own personal car boot. Ugh!

4. The Arguing Over Two Dollars Traveller

This is the type of traveller for whom nothing can go right and who seems to only be able to resolve things by shouting and pulling their hair out. If you see this traveller, make a bee-line in the opposite direction – they don’t make for pleasant holiday companions.

5. The Airport Sleeper

These types are so accustomed to travelling that they’ve learned how to sleep in airports and bus stops in the most creative of ways, including using their bag as a pillow, taking up 4 whole seats and snoring loudly.

6. The Camera Obsessed

What’s the point in seeing the world if you can’t take a hundred photos a day?

The Camera Obsessed traveller doesn’t know. He/she is usually too preoccupied with taking dozens of photos and posting them on Instagram, Facebook and Flickr… and meanwhile, they forget to actually enjoy themselves.

7. The Lost Ones

Perhaps the easiest to spot of all the travellers – they’ve either got a map or guidebook in hand and they look frustrated and confused and can’t seem to communicate anything in the local language. If you’ve got a spare moment, it might be nice to help them out!

8. The Anti-Tourist

If everyone’s doing that, I’m not!’ The Anti-tourist hates popular, overcrowded attractions and anything else that’s considered “touristy.” Instead, they’re always trying to get off the beaten track and seek out something miles away from where they should be. If you hook up with this kind of traveller, make sure you take a map.

9. The Snooty Traveller

This is the one for whom anything less than a 4-star experience would be a mortal sin. They won’t go anywhere dirty, they won’t stay anywhere that resembles a backpacking lodge and they won’t eat at any kind of street stall or vendor. Rich, yet boring!

10. The Phone Addict

You would think that being on holidays would mean getting away from electronics, but for these addicts, their phone is God. They’re always texting or checking their Facebook or posting something online. They also rely on their phone to tell them what to do, where to go, what sights to see and even where to eat! Talk about exploring the world on your own…. NOT!