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Your first snow ride can be a little daunting and there are lots of things to remember out on the snow. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind that’ll ensure a safe and fun trip down the powdery slopes.

10. Avoid the snow burn

Something that first time snow bunnies are unlikely to think of – take care of your skin and wear sunscreen all the time! Winter activities pose a high risk of sunburn and skin damage as UV radiation is more intense in alpine regions than at sea level because the atmosphere is thinner at the higher altitudes. So don’t be fooled by cold and cloudy days – you can still get sunburnt in the snow. Always cover up with clothing, eye protection and sunscreen.

9. Work those abdominals!

Snowboarding is a highly physical sport so you need to get your body in shape. Boarding requires you to be centred over your board, with your knees almost always bent. Squats, lunges and core exercises are all great ways to get you ready. Aim to start about a month before you leave.

8. Half days the go

Half day lessons are a fantastic way to familiarise yourself with the sport, they let you know beginner tactics like “3 different ways to stand up”, “how to negotiate the chairlift” and even “how to fall correctly” …. That’s right – you can’t just fall over, there is actually a safe way to fall when you are snowboarding!

7. Comfortable Outfits – Don’t overdo it

It’s essential to be comfortable in what you wear and to wear the right type of clothing. Wearing too many layers might seem like the best way to rug up, but once you are on the slopes and boarding you are going to heat up – and those layers will not be comfortable for long. Good quality thermals, fleeces and water and wind proof jackets will provide the protection – no need to go overboard with the layers.

6. Stay safe with correct snow equipment

Make sure you are set up with the correct sized board, matching boots and bindings that are fit to your ability. Most ski resorts will have educated staff to help you choose your snow equipment if you’re having trouble.

5. Cock-a-doodle-doo

It’s early to rise and early to bed on the slopes. This is because it becomes too dangerous to be boarding at night so most resorts usually start to close around 430-5pm. So early mornings are the best way to get the most out of your holiday

4. Be Smart, be safe

Familiarise yourself with the area. Know which slopes you need to be on – some are designated to skiers only, others are for more experienced boarders. Make sure you are comfortable with the chairlifts, don’t wander off alone – it is very easy to get lost –it’s always best to stay with your group or a trained instructor especially when it’s your first time.

3. Easy access

Once on the slopes there is nowhere to store backpacks or handbags so you have to be smart about what you carry with you. Snow jackets come with large zip up pockets for easy storage of maps and lift passes. Hang any essentials around your neck for easy access, and get a good cover for your mobile phone. A good old fanny pack can come in handy as well….

2. Share stories at Après ski

Socialising is a great way to learn more about what you can do better as a first time snowboarder. Après ski is a great place to mingle and share your first time snowboarding mishaps and maybe even pick up a tip or two to use on the slopes for the next day!

1. it’s your first time …so just have fun!!

Have fun, and make a snowman – or snow anything!

Peggy is a keen adventurer and traveller. She has spent time living in America, Belgium, China, and now resides in Australia. She has travelled to 23 different countries, including some very offbeat countries and some of the more commonly travelled destinations. Peggy loves seeing the world, long-distance running, and playing soccer.