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Click here for our travel alert about the Israel – Gaza conflict.
Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, our policies exclude coverage for any trips to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Check out latest travel alerts here before buying a policy.

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Have your planned your next getaway? Whether you are heading overseas, jumping on a cruise or explore or own backyard, we might have a policy for you. You can choose from 3 levels of cover and customise or upgrade your travel insurance policy to suit your trip and needs. At InsureandGo, we consider all pre-existing medical conditions and provide coverage for unlimited overseas medical expenses.

Are you worried about Covid-19 impacting your trip? InsureandGo Silver and Gold Policies (Including Cruise) include some Covid-19 benefits so that you can travel with peace of mind. These benefits include overseas medical expenses as well as trip disruption and cancelation coverage due to Covid-19*. InsureandGo considers all pre-existing medical conditions and offers 24/7 assistance in case things do not go as expected.

Start your quote above and simply enter the code “Starsat60” to claim your 15% discount or quote it over the phone.

Why Travel With Us?

Unlimited cover
Unlimited overseas medical expenses
Unlimited cover
Unlimited cancellation cover in our Gold Policy
Baggage covered up to $8,000 with Gold policies
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24 hour emergency assistance
All pre-existing conditions considered
All medical conditions considered online or over the phone
Pregnancy cover for up to 30 weeks
Pregnancy cover for up to 30 weeks

Most Common Questions

1. What does ‘excess’ mean?

Excess is the amount you pay us in the event of a claim being approved. Our excess applies per person, per event, per claim.

You can choose the excess you want ($100, $200, $0), but be aware this will change the price of your initial premium.

3. Do you cover travel delays and connecting flights?

Our policies only cover your flight departing and arriving to Australia directly. If your flight is delayed, and you book an alternative flight, we do not cover the cost of your new flight. We do, however, offer some compensation if your fight has been delayed for more than 12 hours in some circumstances. Unfortunately, we do not cover connecting flights.

5. Does your insurance cover damage to a rental cars and rental motorbikes?

Our Silver and Gold policies cover your rental car excess up to $4000, but not motorbikes. For a rental car to be covered, you need to make sure that it is insured (confirmed by the rental company), as we do not pay for full damages to a rental car, only your excess.

2. I am overseas right now – can I buy, change or upgrade a policy?

You need to be in Australia at the time of purchasing your insurance. If you are overseas, we are unable to offer you new or different insurance. You may be eligible to extend the dates of your existing cover, so shoot us an email and find out.

4. Do you cover pre-existing medical conditions?

A pre-existing medical condition is any condition for which you have received medical advice, treatment or medication in the last five years. Our policies cover many pre-existing conditions; to see if we cover yours, please complete our medical assessment online or over the phone. Please note, failing to declare a pre-existing condition can void your policy.

6. I’m taking out the top cover, am I covered for anything that can go wrong on my trip?

Our premiums would be astronomical if we could do that! There are limits and exclusions to all travel insurance policies, so we strongly advise you to read our product disclosure statement (or search [ctrl+F] for key words to check limits and exclusions) to see if our product is right for you.

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