Travelling without cover? 6 Reasons Why You Must Buy Travel Insurance

At InsureandGo, we understand just how important travel insurance can be. More and more travellers each year are spending thousands of dollars out of their own pockets, simply because something has gone wrong on their trip.

Travel insurance is crucial in making sure that you stay relaxed and worry-free during those fun holiday times. Here’s why:

1. Medical Treatments:

If you become sick or injured on your holiday, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is money. If you are treated for a medical problem overseas, the costs can range from hundreds into the thousands. For example, if you are hospitalised in South East Asia for a week, you can generally expect to pay around $5,600* or more, according to Smart Traveller. In two weeks, that becomes $10,000+.

The right travel insurance can ensure you are covered for these medical treatments and means that you won’t have to pay thousands from your own wallet.

2. Cancellation or Delays:

If you cancel your trip unexpectedly or experience a delay, travel insurance may also help recover some of the costs you may lose. Airlines, hotels, cruise lines, car hire companies and travel agencies will often be unwilling to give you a refund, so it’s important that you cover your costs with an insurance policy.

3. Lost Items:

Lost or delayed baggage, valuables or equipment can also put a damper on your holiday. While losing a pair of shoes might not seem like a big deal, losing your wallet or your passport can be disastrous.

If you have the appropriate cover, you may be able to claim your losses, so that you can replace your items or at least get some compensation. Ensure you read your policy, however, so that you understand exactly what items are/aren’t included.

4. Emergency Trips:

Some policies will also cover you if you need to return home due to an emergency. This can be ideal if you have loved ones who aren’t well, if you are travelling for a long stretch of time or if you simply want to be able to return home quickly if something happens. Depending on your level of cover, you will usually receive reimbursement for the cost of returning home and/or the cost of resuming your trip again overseas.

5. Emergency Support:

Having travel insurance can also mean you receive the right support if you get into hot water overseas. When purchasing a policy, it can be useful to look for a provider who offers 24/7 phone support and also reverse charges, so that you don’t have to worry about paying for the call.

6. Death or Serious Injury:

Unfortunately, anything can happen on a holiday. Luckily, death and serious injury can also often be covered by travel insurance. Both injury and death can be extremely costly due to ongoing medical expenses and medical evacuation costs. The right policy can mean you will be covered appropriately and it also means that you can save thousands of dollars.

So putting a little bit into travel insurance now could save you lots of money in the long run. To get full details on what you are or aren’t covered for read through the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or contact our customer service agents before you buy to understand your options.

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