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Travel Insurance Options – Travelling with Pre-Existing Conditions

At InsureandGo, there is no pre-existing medical condition we won’t consider.

Whether you are looking for travel insurance for seniors, your whole family or travelling alone, this information will help you understand how InsureandGo can assist travellers with a pre-existing medical condition.

What Conditions Will We Consider?

At InsureandGo, we consider all pre-existing medical conditions. We don’t automatically exclude anything and you’ll be surprised at what types of conditions can be covered for no extra cost.

What Does a Pre-Existing Condition Mean at InsureandGo?

Pre-existing medical conditions are any illnesses or conditions that could affect your eligibility for medical cover under your travel insurance policy.

At InsureandGo, a pre-existing medical condition means any condition you have suffered from, received treatment or surgery for or received medical advice or medication for in the last 5 years.

How Will You Determine If My Condition Will Be Approved?

InsureandGo will perform a quick assessment of your medical conditions via a short questionnaire. You can complete this questionnaire online or by phone and it usually takes only 5-10 minutes

At the end, we’ll be able to tell you whether we can provide you with travel insurance cover for your specific condition

Do I Need to Provide Medical Certificates?

InsureandGo believes in making the travel insurance buying process as quick and as easy as possible. We don’t ask for medical or doctor’s certificates until you need to make a claim.

Do I Need to Undergo a Physical Evaluation?

No medical or physical evaluations need to be performed when you purchase a travel insurance policy with InsureandGo. However, evaluations may be required later on if you decide to make a claim.

What If I’m waiting On Medical Tests/Results?

It’s a good idea to wait until you receive any medical results or surgery before you organise your travel or purchase a travel insurance policy. Otherwise, it may not be possible to obtain cover.

What If My Conditions Change Between the Time I Purchase the Policy and the Time I Leave for My Trip?

This circumstance can be common for seniors or anyone else who purchases travel insurance early on. If your circumstances change, you need to inform us right away. If you don’t, any claims you make in future may not be valid.

What Happens Once I’m Approved?

Once approved, we’ll provide you with unlimited medical cover for all overseas destinations that we cover.

If you are in doubt about any of the medical requirements, limits or levels of cover in your travel insurance policy, ensure you read your Product Disclosure Statement properly before you purchase.

Read more about buying travel insurance for pre existing conditions here

You are also welcome to contact us with any questions regarding your pre-existing medical conditions