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Travel tips for a New Zealand holiday

New Zealand, or the Land of the Long White Cloud, is an amazing place to visit. With snow-peaked mountains, unforgettable coastlines, gorgeous lakes and quirky cities and towns, there’s endless travelling fun to be had here.

At InsureandGo, our priority is to make sure you travel safely on your New Zealand trip, whether you’re enjoying a coffee in Auckland, kayaking in Fiordland or exploring the Bay of Islands. We encourage you to take out travel insurance New Zealand holidaymakers buy to get peace of mind for their travels.

Pre-existing conditions

No matter what your pre-existing condition is, we’ll consider it at InsureandGo.

When you take out travel insurance, with us you must declare all pre-existing medical conditions. We consider pre-existing conditions to be any illness or condition that you have been diagnosed with or treated for in the past five years.

If you’re unsure whether your condition is coverable, all you need to do is ask us. You won’t need to provide any medical documentation or undergo any physical assessments unless you make a claim.

Read more about getting travel insurance for pre-existing conditions or call 1300 401 177 and we can answer any question you may have.

Adventure sports & accidents

New Zealand is an adventure sports playground and many travellers head here to get their adrenalin pumping. Whether you choose to ski, hike, bungee jump or kayak, it’s important to remember that accidents can always happen.

  • Make sure your travel insurance policy with InsureandGo covers ALL the sports and activities you plan to undertake in New Zealand; make yourself aware of what situations/circumstances are covered and what might exclude you from cover
  • If you injure yourself while in New Zealand, seek medical help immediately
  • If your accident is not an emergency, you (or someone you’re with) should contact InsureandGo as soon as possible – we can help you find your nearest medical facility and arrange transport for you if necessary
  • If you contact InsureandGo before your treatment, we will also be able to send a ‘guarantee of payment’, if necessary, to the medical facility to cover your treatment costs (assuming you are covered)

Car rentals

If you plan to hire a car while in New Zealand, you should make sure you’re insured. Most InsureandGo policies will cover you for car rentals while in New Zealand, however, your specific policy will explain exactly what driving circumstances you are/aren’t covered for (so read this carefully). Remember:

  • You must hold a valid Australian driver’s licence and comply with all rules/regulations while driving your vehicle to be eligible for insurance claims
  • If you have selected an InsureandGo Gold International policy, you will be covered for up to $8,000 in rental car excesses (compare travel insurance levels of cover here)
  • You need to obey all terms and conditions set out in your contract with the vehicle rental company; failure to do so will mean your travel insurance cover won’t be valid
  • You won’t be covered if you drive your vehicle off road, if it has more than nine seats or if you hire it for more than 15 days

Skiing and snow sports

New Zealand is one of the best and most beautiful places to indulge in a range of snow sports. If you plan to hit the snow, you’ll need to purchase InsureandGo’s Winter Sports upgrade.

  • Our Winter Sports package covers you for 14 different activities, including skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating, cross-country skiing and more (all sports must be undertaken at a commercial resort)
  • Your own skiing equipment and your lift pass will also be covered in case of loss, damage or theft
  • You’re also covered for additional travel expenses that you need to pay if an avalanche delays your arrival and/or departure
  • Keep in mind that if you only purchase InsureandGo Bare Essentials, you will not be covered under the personal accident section of your policy for any winter (or other) sports

Snorkelling & scuba diving

There are many wonderful places to snorkel and dive when in New Zealand. You should check that snorkelling and/or scuba diving is covered by your InsureandGo travel insurance policy. If you choose to dive, you’ll need to ensure that:

  • You are a qualified diver or that you only dive with a qualified instructor
  • You only dive up to depths of 30 metres (you won’t be covered if you dive deeper than this)
  • You never dive by yourself

Theft & belongings

New Zealand is generally a very safe place, but that doesn’t mean that thefts won’t still occur. To keep your belongings safe, make sure they are under your watch at all times and never leave them unattended or with a stranger.

If you do experience any incidents of theft while in New Zealand, report it to police immediately and obtain a copy of the official report for your travel insurance claim.

Is New Zealand next on your travel agenda? Start your quick InsureandGo quote here or call our friendly team on 1300 401 177 to apply.