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Domestic Travel Insurance – Why You Should Buy Domestic Cover

Whether you are exploring Australia for fun or taking an important business trip, having interstate travel insurance behind you can often mean an easy and assuring experience. Here are some of the most common things that domestic travel insurance for Australians can cover:

1. Cancellations?

It’s usually easy to cancel or postpone a domestic trip compared to an international trip, but it may not be so easy to forfeit the money you’ve already paid. If you have to cancel your travel plans due to an unforeseen/unexpected event, travel insurance can allow you to claim back some (or all) of the funds you have lost due to cancelling flights, accommodation, delays, car hire and more.

2. Baggage & Belongings

It can be frustrating when your possessions aren’t where they are supposed to be, no matter where in the world you are. The right domestic travel insurance can ensure your baggage and belongings are covered in regards to delays, losses or thefts. Your Product Disclosure Statement will tell you exactly what items and circumstances you are are protected for. If there is something specific you are concerned about, consider upgrading your cover.

3. Rental Cars

Rental cars can make any Australian trip highly convenient, but you may need extra travel insurance cover in case the vehicle becomes damaged or is stolen while in your care. You will also need to make note of any exclusions relating to your rental car cover; for instance, if you carry out any illegal activities while driving (e.g. drink driving) or if someone else is driving the car at the time of an accident, you usually won’t be able to claim.

4. Sports & Recreational Activities

Activities like skiing or golfing can be lots of fun while holidaying in Australia and certain levels of travel insurance can also mean you have the opportunity to cover yourself for any equipment or gear you hire. You should note, though, that this may not be an automatic part of domestic travel insurance, which means you’ll need to request to add this particular type of cover into your policy.

5. Business Equipment

If you are travelling for business, the last thing you’ll want is for your equipment to become damaged. Many forms of domestic insurance will allow you to include cover for your business equipment (such as laptops, tablets) in your policy. If you lose or damage your equipment, you may also be able to claim business equipment hire and courier expenses.

If you are uncertain about any area in your travel insurance package, make sure you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or contact our customer service agents before you buy to understand your options.