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Domestic Travel Insurance And Your Sports and Activities

13th July, 2021

If you’re a lover of adventure and always ensure there is a sport or activity in your travel itinerary, but never quite understood whether you were covered, and what coverage even meant for you, then we are here to break it down. Whilst our national border is shut, now is such a fantastic time to explore what this amazing country has to offer, but before you depart, don’t forget to pack domestic travel insurance.  Please remember to check for any developments with domestic travel restrictions before booking your next domestic holiday.

What coverage for your sports and activity means for you when travelling domestically?

Our Domestic travel insurance policy covers a wide array of unforeseen events, but in the context of sports and activities, the following sections of our policy specifically applies; Section E: Accidental Death and Permanent Disability, as well as Section F: Personal Liability.

Section E: Personal Death and Permanent Disability

I know it is all a bit morbid, and the last thing you want to think about when booking adrenaline inducing activities, but there is always a level of risk in most things we do.

If whilst participating in the covered sport and/or activity domestically, and yourself, or any other party insured on our policy experiences an injury that within 12 consecutive months directly results in death or coverable permanent disability, you or your estate will be paid by us. We know this is heavy, so to lighten the mood, we are sure the most that will happen on your holiday is loss of pride.

Section F: Personal Liability

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we end up injuring someone else, or damaging someone else’s property, and this can occur when participating in a sport and activity. A good example of this is cycling; you may take all the precautions in the world, but if there is an accidental collision with a person, resulting in their injury or belongings, this is where this section could come into play.

Please note, exclusions do apply to all sections, which are easily identifiable in our Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS). In addition, Section E is not available for Bare Essential policy holders.


No section of our domestic travel insurance policy provides coverage for medically related expenses incurred, as Medicare is in place for such events.

How to know if your pre-booked sport and activity is covered?

Our Domestic travel insurance policy provides coverage automatically to more than 40 sports and activities such as bungee jumping, cycling, parasailing and so forth. Please keep in mind though coverage is only available if you follow the safety guidelines when participating and when applicable you use appropriate and recommended safety equipment. We do have a table of covered sports and activities in the PDS, which also details which sections of cover apply but if your activity is not listed, cover is available provided it can be undertaken by persons of all ages and general health, as well as the activity not requiring specialised equipment or a high level of fitness.

How to know if your sport and activity is not covered?

There are some sports and activities that are not covered at all, and a list is available in the PDS to provide examples, but essentially the activity cannot be part of a competition or tournament, and the activity cannot be partaken on a professional basis. If you’re not sure, our customer service team is always available to double check for you.

Are Winter Sports automatically covered?

If you are planning to hit the slopes, you can purchase our add-on Winter Sports product, in addition to your domestic travel insurance policy. This product provides coverage for winter sports equipment, lift passes, piste closure and more. More information of this product is available within the PDS.

We hope this has at the very least provided a deeper understanding of how we can be there for you when it comes to sports and activities. If you still have burning questions, do not hesitate to contact us.