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Annual multi-trip travel insurance vs. one-trip – which suits better?

So, I made a new resolution this year: to travel more!

I’ve got three trips booked so far (one for work, two for myself) – and someone mentioned that I should think about buying annual multi-trip travel insurance.

If you’re in the same boat, here’s a quick run-down of what annual multi-trip travel insurance covers and why it’s possibly better than a one-trip policy.

What is annual multi-trip travel insurance?

  • As the name suggests, it’s travel insurance that covers you continuously (for multiple trips) for 12 months, starting from the travel start date you list on your policy.
  • Once you take out the insurance, you’re automatically covered for any trip you take.
  • WithInsureandGo, you can go on as many trips as you like within the 12 months and remain covered – there’s no cap.

So, how does it work?

  • Multi-trip covers the same benefits as one-trip insurance, and it offers the same options and upgrades.
  • If you’re unsure how long each of your trips throughout the year are going to be, it’s probably best to choose the 60-day option, so that you won’t have to worry if a trip ends up being longer than a month (i.e. 30 days).

The perks I like most include:

  • The flexibility in cover. Choosing 30, 45 or 60 days means I don’t have to set my trip length in stone and continuous cover means I can be flexible with dates. I can even change my travel dates without having to update my insurance policy.
  • It’s less hassle; I won’t have to buy or renew travel insurance every time you have a trip coming up.
  • Because I’ve got continuous cover, I can pretty much take advantage of cancellation at any time. This means if I book a trip but have to cancel because of an emergency, I can claim back certain costs (for more info on what constitutes an emergency, check out the cancellation section in our PDS here).
  • There’s also a cover for things like travel delays and returning home because of an emergency, like someone at home becoming unwell, and it’s great to have that additional cover when you travel frequently.

(You can still get these perks with a one-trip policy, but it’s nice knowing you’ll have this cover for every trip you take.)

Is it better than one-trip trip travel insurance?

  • If you’re planning to travel more than once or twice a year (or if you think there’s a possibility you will), then yes, annual multi-trip travel insurance can be worth it.
  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance can usually save you more money than if you were to take out multiple policies for separate trips.
  • If you’re only planning to travel once or twice in a 12-month period, though, one-trip may be the way to go for you.

The best way to figure it all out is:

  • Compare quotes. Weigh up the cost of one-trip cover for all of your planned trips combined compared to the cost of an annual multi-trip package at the same level.
  • Read the small print. It’s not fun, but it’s essential. It’ll tell you exactly what you’re covered for so that you can understand the policy you’re taking out and whether it’s right for your holiday.

Grab an Annual multi-trip quote for your holidays now or phone us on 1300 552 701 with your multi-trip or one-trip questions!