Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

19 de June de 2012

Borobodur is a well-known Buddhist monument in Indonesia.  It is situated on the island of Java and attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. The monument is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia. Due to volcanic eruptions, the monument has been damaged and restored several times by donations received from UNESCO and countries wanting to ensure the monuments safeguarding. The area around the monument has been badly affected by the latest eruption and the vegetation has been completely destroyed in some places. Despite that, the monument is a breathtaking due to its well-preserved details and remarkable construction.

History of the icon

The monument was built in the 8th century but no one knows by whom, or for what purpose. When it was rediscovered in 1814 it was hidden under volcanic ash and covered in vegetation. The fact that the monument was abandoned remains a mystery and even if there is information about the former king moving the capital during late 10th century, there is no evidence that it affected the abandonment. Borobodur was mentioned in several folk stories after that, and received the reputation of causing bad luck which kept people away.

Today the site is well-visited and has been restored during the 20th century to safeguard the monument.

How to get there

There are buses operating the route from Yogyakarta to Borobodur. However, this form of transportation is mainly used by locals. As most tourists choose to hire a driver with a minibus or car to Borobudur to save some time.

The most efficient way of transportation in the area of the monument is by foot. There are shuttle buses operating, and also bicycles to rent, but the distances between the sites are not that far so walking is probably the best option.

Opening times and prices

The monument is open for visitors from 6am to 5pm. Entrance fee is approximately 13 AUD and its possible to hire a private guide for an additional charge.

Other useful info

Borobodur has regained its position of a place of worship and there are several events every year to celebrate the monument. Once a year Buddists commemorate Siddhārtha Gautama during Vesak day and Borobodur has become the main monument for worshipping. Make sure to do some research before visiting Borobudur since the opening hours can change due to different events.

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