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When your mind wanders and you start thinking about traveling, libraries around the world might not be something that you typically think about. Prepare to be awed by these beautiful works of architecture and amazing book collections – although after reading this you 05/find yourself wanting to visit all of these libraries and find your own slice of paradise.

Belarus National Library

Designed in the form of a diamond, the library is covered in glass panels that sparkle like a real diamond during the day. At night LED lighting transforms the diamond shape into a creative venue for lighting designers.

Biblioteca España

This library in Santo Domingo, Colombia was built as part of a series of projects to aid social transformation and provide more opportunity to the city’s residents.

Seattle Public Library

This building is a work of contemporary public architecture and features a book spiral, which is a winding path that goes through the library’s entire non-fiction colection. This allows people to walk through the entire 4-level section without using stairs.

Black Diamond

The Danish Royal Library in Copenhagen holds almost all known Danish works ever published, in addition to housing a concert hall, two museums, and a roof terrace.

Halmstad Library

The Swedish Library features a design that was inspired by the surrounding trees and natural scenery. It has wall-to-wall glass windows with views of parkland visible from any place in the library.

Central Public Library, Vancouver, Canada

Situated in downtown Vancouver, this library features a world class design shaped like the Coliseum, an entire side of the building is full of cafes and restaurants, and offers heaps of free talks and courses.

Stuttgart City Library

Also known as the “minimalist” library because of the classic white on white colour scheme and minimal furnishings, it cost almost 80 million Euro to build!

Biblioteca Sandro Penna

Drawing inspiration from the future, the architects of this library ended up with a library that slightly resembles a flying saucer! It does stick out a little when compared to the historical architecture people are more accustomed to in Italy.