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Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, our policies exclude coverage for any trips to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Check out latest travel alerts here before buying a policy.

Typhoon Hagibis: where to now?

Typhoon Hagibis, a Super Typhoon that formed in the western Pacific and quickly developed into a category 5 tropical storm, is heading towards Japan.

Although it will weaken as it approaches the coast, it will likely still be dangerous and damaging when it makes landfall. The projected winds, torrential rain, floods, and other effects will disrupt travel plans in the region.

This situation is considered a known event as of 4:00am (AEST) on 10th October 2019.

Am I covered for Typhoon Hagibis?

  • If you purchased your policy after 4:00am (AEST) on 10th October 2019 you are not covered for claims arising from Typhoon Hagibis, even if you purchased natural disaster cover as an add on to your policy.
  • If you purchased your policy before 4:00am (AEST) on 10th October 2019 you are covered for claims arising from Typhoon Hagibis, provided that you purchased natural disaster cover as an add on to your policy.

Please note: medical expenses incurred due to natural disasters are automatically covered in all international policies, without having to purchase the natural disaster cover option.