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Due to the current conflict in Ukraine, our policies exclude coverage for any trips to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. Check out latest travel alerts here before buying a policy.

Floods in Australia – NSW and Queensland, July 2022

The following information concerns the recent floods in NSW and Queensland. Some roads and regions have been affected and you may find it difficult to access certain areas within impacted state.

Are you currently affected by this event? If so, read the below to learn more about how this natural disaster can affect your travels and coverage.

  • If you purchased your policy after 12:00pm (AEDT) on 3rd July 2022: you are not covered for claims arising from this event, even if you purchased natural disaster cover as an add on to your policy.
  • If you purchased your policy before 12:00pm (AEDT) on 3rd July 2022: Subject to the terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions contained in your Product Disclosure Statement (the “PDS”) and our assessment of your claim, there may be provision to claim for this event, provided that you purchased natural disaster cover as an add on to your policy.

If you wish to cancel or amend your pre-booked travel arrangements as a result of the floods, we recommend you contact your travel agent or travel provider regarding the best option in altering your trip. We understand some airlines are providing penalty-free options to amend travel arrangements, so we also recommend you contact your airline for further details.

Important Information: With the exception of any claim not related to circumstances around the Queensland floods, you will not be covered for any claims related to this event if you did not buy the natural disaster cover add-on, regardless of when you bought your policy.