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Tips on tipping

A report by The Sydney Morning Herald has addressed a common issue faced by Australian travellers today – how much to tip.

While tipping 10 per cent for good service is often regarded as the standard in Australian restaurants, in other parts of the world, such as New York City, 20 per cent is closer to the norm.

In contrast, some countries, such as North Korea, frown on any kind of tipping and travellers making such a gesture are likely to have their tip swiftly returned to them.

Many other nations that have previously been seen as ‘non-tipping’ nations are now changing with the times, causing even more confusion for overseas visitors.

Prime examples are New Zealand and Japan, where whilst guidebooks may advise not to tip and tips may not necessarily be expected, they are likely to be well received.

Asking a local or a hotel concierge is a good way of finding out up to date information on tipping customs in a particular destination.

While tipping may be a confusing issue for Australian travellers, travel insurance doesn’t have to be thanks to InsureandGo’s straightforward cover.