Winter Skin Care

Wind, rain, hail and snow can all do their damage.

Moisturise moisturise moisturise! Make sure after your bath or shower you pat – don’t rub – your skin dry. Whilst it’s still slightly damp apply plenty of moisturiser all over your body. This will help prevent dryness and flaking.

Be careful not to bath or shower in overly hot water. It might be tempting when it’s particularly chilly outside but it will take away your skin’s natural essential oils leaving it dry.

Make sure you use a lip balm. Lips can get chapped quickly in cold weather and the more you lick them the worse it will get! Applying a barrier will protect against the cold and wind.

Avoid using cleansers with alcohol in them, even if you do have oily skin. These tend to dry out the skin, and that coupled with the cold can cause it to become dry… and even worse may cause your skin to over compensate making it both greasy and flaky!

Pay careful attention to your hands – they are almost always in use, and are regularly exposed to the elements. And if you are battling to save your youthful looks, well-weathered hands can give the game away! Apply a thin layer of moisturiser every time you wash your hands to keep them smooth. If you suffer from dry, sore or chapped hands due to the cold, try applying a very thin layer of Vaseline before you go to bed and put on a pair of lightweight gloves. Overnight the Vaseline will penetrate your hands and they should look and feel much better in the morning.

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