Summer Skin Care

We all know the dangers of sun damage these days, but burning’s not the only downside of too much sun exposure.

Prickly heat

So you’ve prepared yourself to bare the flesh now warmer weather is finally here. You’ve ditched the tights and the sweaters so cue the nasty red itchy rash that is prickly heat, AKA Miliaria. The rash is caused by excessive sweating which can cause your sweat glands to become blocked, which can then trap sweat underneath your skin. If you’re prone to the condition try:

  • Avoiding the sun – easier said then done! Spend as much time in the shade as you can and carry a small fan to cool down the affected area
  • Avoid wearing synthetic fibres as they trap heat more that natural fibres do
  • Calamine loti on, available at most pharmacies. It’ll help cool and soothe your rash

Burn Blisters

Tut tut. If you’ve burnt so badly it’s blistered shame on you, you’ve not been listening to any of the sun advice out there. If you’ve fallen asleep in the sun, or not slapped on the factor 15 on a cloudy day (damaging sun rays can still get you through the clouds you know!) then try to minimise your discomfort by:

  • Gently sponging the skin with tepid water or wallowing in a cool bath
  • Drinking plenty of fluids to replace those that you’ve lost in the sun. Alcohol is a big no-no though as it will dehydrate you further
  • For adults, painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can help relieve pain and reduce swelling
  • Severe burns may require special burn cream and burn dressings. Ask your pharmacist for advice; you may need to see your GP and have your burns dressed by a practice nurse. In very severe cases you may need treatment at your local Accident and Emergency Department

Useful Numbers

Emergency assistance:

+612 9333 3999

Non emergency claims:

1300 401 177

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