Pregnancy Travel Insurance

Awaiting the arrival of your little one is an exciting time and – if it’s okay with your doctor – it can also be a wonderful time to travel.

Whether you’re planning a big holiday, a business trip or a short babymoon, protecting yourself and your bub with travel insurance is incredibly important.

InsureandGo offers pregnancy travel insurance for all mums-to-be. We cover you:

  • Up until your 32nd week, for single child pregnancies
  • Up until your 26th week, for multiple child pregnancies

We can look after you regardless of whether you’re having one baby or many, or whether you conceived naturally or via reproductive services.

Please note cover for medical expenses is not included in domestic policies. For full benefits check our PDS here

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Pregnancy Travel Insurance at InsureandGo

InsureandGo is an online Australian travel insurance specialist. We have been recognised with several Gold awards by insurance reviewer CANSTAR for the value of our travel insurance, including our top travel cover for pregnancies.

We can cover you for:

  • Unlimited medical expenses, including specific complications of pregnancy or childbirth up to the 32nd week (single child pregnancies) or the 26th week (multiple child pregnancies)
  • Medical expenses related to specific complications (e.g. pre-eclampsia, miscarriage, emergency caesarean, premature delivery), even if they occur after 32 or 26 weeks; check our PDS for the full list (page 47)
  • Cancellation of your trip and other prepaid expenses if your doctor advises you are not able to travel because of pregnancy complications
  • Flights, accommodation and other emergency costs if a doctor advises you to return home early due to a pregnancy complication
  • Some pre-existing medical conditions; at InsureandGo, we’re happy to consider covering any existing medical condition – contact us to find out more

What won't you be covered for?

It’s important to keep in mind that our pregnancy travel insurance won’t cover certain things, like:

  • Claims relating to childbirth after the 32nd week (or 26th week for multiple pregnancies)
  • Antenatal costs related to the health or care of your baby after it is born
  • Any pre-existing conditions you didn’t tell us about when you bought your policy
  • If you have to cancel a flight because you weren’t familiar with the airline’s ‘flying while pregnant’ policy (Tip: always check if an airline will clear you to fly before booking; policies are based on how many weeks you’ll be, and how long the flight is)
  • If you travel against the advice of your doctor or to a destination deemed unsafe by the Australian Government (according to

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Don’t forget to read our Product Disclosure Statement too; it outlines our full pregnancy travel insurance terms and conditions.

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1300 550 396

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