International Travel Insurance

International travel is adventurous and exciting as it takes us into the unfamiliar. Along with this excitement, however, the unfamiliar can bring about unexpected headaches. Although InsureandGo cannot prevent accidents and unfortunate incidents, we can be there to protect you should misfortune occur.

Regardless of your age or how healthy you are, it is vital you take out quality comprehensive international travel insurance. It can end up not only saving you thousands in medical bills but also covers you for a wide range of other incidents.

Why Choose InsureandGo for Your International Travel Insurance?

InsureandGo’s affordable and comprehensive travel insurance policies are specially tailored to fit the individual needs of travellers. We also provide our customers with an expansive 24/7 assistance network with over 31,500 points of assistance across all continents, making us an industry leader for travel insurance from Australia. It is no wonder we've won multiple awards, and cover 1.6 million people every year.

InsureandGo offers 3 levels of cover to choose from, so you can select the coverage that suits your needs. Whether you’re a backpacker on a budget or a wealthy luxury traveller, be certain we have a policy that will be right for you. We offer single trip and annual multi-trip policies as well as offering quality international cruise insurance, making us the perfect choice no matter what your overseas travel plans are.

InsureandGo makes purchasing your International Travel Insurance policy quick and easy, offering a broad range of policy options and upgrades, along with providing customers with a rapid hassle-free claims process.

Why Travel With Us?

  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses
  • Baggage covered up to $15,000 on Gold Policies
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • 90 Sports and leisure activities automatically covered
  • No upfront medical certificates required upon application
  • 14 day cooling off period


Who Should Take Out International Travel Insurance?

Anyone travelling overseas regardless of their age should make sure they are covered by International Travel Insurance. Medical emergencies and unfortunate incidents don’t discriminate, so it is vital you cover yourself for large unexpected bills.

InsureandGo provides international travel insurance to students, seniors up to 100 years of age, travelling families, expecting mothers, and even non-permanent residents.

Note that our Family Travel Insurance plans cover your children or grandchildren at the same level of cover as you at NO extra charge!

As per your level of cover International Travel Insurance Covers:

  • Unlimited Overseas Medical Expenses
  • Trip Cancellation for Instances such as Unforeseeable Death, Injury, or Illness
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Trip Interruption
  • Lost Bags or Personal Belongings
  • Pregnancy Cover For up to 30 Weeks
  • Unlimited Dependent Children up to the Age of 18 Insured for Free
  • Coverage for 90 Different Sports and Leisure Activities Including Bungee Jumping and Snorkeling
  • Option to Upgrade Your Policy to Include Winter Sports Coverage

What Will I Not be Covered For?

It is important that our customers read our full insurance policy terms, provisos, exclusions, and conditions for full details regarding their international travel insurance coverage. Note that you need to be in Australia at the time of purchasing your insurance. If you are overseas, we are unable to offer you new or different insurance. If you need to extend the dates of your existing cover, simply send an email to: and find out whether you’re eligible.

Below are some instances where you may not be covered during your travels.

  • Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: InsureandGo considers all pre-existing medical conditions so long as they are reported at time of purchase. Failure to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions may void any claim relating to that condition.
  • Travel Delays/ Connecting Flights: We will reimburse the cost of your necessary additional meals and accommodation expenses, up to the amount in your policy, if any individual leg of your trip is delayed is for more than 12 hours as long as you eventually go on the holiday. Sub limits per 12 hours apply.
  • Consumption of Alcohol: claims that occur while you or a covered party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs will most likely be denied.
  • Government Warnings: Check to make sure that any Australian Government foreign travel warnings won’t affect your travel insurance coverage.
  • Unattended Belongings: You will not be covered for any personal luggage or belongings if you leave them unattended in a public place such as a beach.
  • Reporting Incidents: Be sure to report any instance such as theft or loss of belongings within 24 hours to the appropriate authority or risk your claim being denied.
  • Natural Disasters: To make a claim due to a natural disaster, you must have purchased InsureandGo’s policy upgrade option and the option must be shown on your policy. Note that there is no coverage for costs incurred relating to a natural disaster if an event is already known prior to purchasing a policy.

Most Common Questions

1. What if I need to extend my policy while overseas?

We can offer one time extension for the same destination bracket. Please note that this extension is only offered on the basis of no claims or pending claims and is only offered at our discretion.

3. Do you cover non-permanent residents?

Our policy can cover non-permanent residents who have a valid Medicare, private health insurance or overseas student travel insurance in Australia which must be valid for the entire duration of your holiday.

5. I am overseas right now – can I buy, change or upgrade a policy?

You need to be in Australia at the time of purchasing your insurance. If you are overseas, we are unable to offer you new or different insurance. You may be eligible to extend the dates of your existing cover, so shoot us an email and find out.

2. Do you have any age restrictions?

We may be able to offer cover to anyone whom is under the age of 100. However, please note that if you over the age of 65 the maximum duration we can offer you insurance for is 90 days.

4. Do you provide cover for Natural Disasters?

Yes, we offer cover for additional emergency expenses you may incur as a result of a natural disaster provided you pay an additional fee to be covered. This additional fee to be covered for these events is applicable under all levels of cover and the amount you can claim varies depending on the level of cover you choose. Please note that if you do not pay this fee you will not be covered for natural disaster. This optional add on can be selected at the end of quotation just before making a payment online or if doing it over the phone our agent will ask you if you wish to add it onto your policy. Whilst you may not be covered for natural disaster if you fail to add on the optional add on, you will still be covered for medical expenses incurred as a result of a natural disaster.

6. Do you cover international student?

Our policy can cover non-permanent residents who have a valid Medicare, Private Health Fund or Overseas Student Travel Insurance in Australia throughout their trip overseas. Please note that in order for non-permanent residents to be covered their journey must depart from and return to Australia.

InsureandGo is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by 10038 customers.

*Price derived from a single trip of 5 days, Individual, age 30, to New Zealand, Pacific& Bali region. Cover for pre-existing medical may require an extra premium.