Family travel insurance

Travelling with children in tow is an adventure full of priceless family bonding and memory-making. When considering children’s welfare on holidays, travel insurance can take on a whole new level of importance. We also understand that travelling with children is expensive enough, so if you're planning to holiday with your children or grandchildren (who are under 18), we cover them at the same level of cover as you at no extra charge. Just select the ‘Couple or Family’ button to get your offer. Think of it as our gift to help your budget so you can focus on making those memories.

If you travel as a couple, then you are entitled to a travel insurance discount of 10% (automatically calculated during the purchase process). Make sure you select ‘couple or family’ to take advantage of your discount. We define a ‘couple’ as two people over the age of 18 who live together at the time of purchasing the insurance who are either: husband and wife or fiancé and fiancee or de-facto partners of either sex.

Already pregnant, or think you might be? Our travel insurance for pregnant mothers covers pregnancy up to 32 weeks for single babies, and 24 weeks for multiples, regardless of whether you used IVF or not.

Why Travel With Us for a Family Trip?

  • Unlimited dependent children up to the age of 18 insured for free
  • Pregnancy cover for up to 32 weeks
  • Cover up to 100 years young
  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses
  • Baggage covered up to $8,000 on Gold Policies
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • 1.6 Million travellers covered per year
  • Multiple award winning travel insurance company
  • Travel Insurance for your family from just $54*

Most Common Questions

1. Is there a Family travel insurance policy I need to purchase?

Simply select 'Family' in the quote box and you will be able to add all members. Then select the trip type that best describes your journey.

3. My child turns 18 while we're overseas, does cover stop for them if they don't have their own policy?

The age of the dependent child is determined at the point of purchase, not travel. This means, that even if the child turns 18 the day after purchasing a policy, he/she is still covered for free as a dependnt with the same level of coverage as the primary policy holder.

5. Is a couple two family members travelling together?

We define 'couple' the same way that it is defined in Australian law: either two people who are married to each other, or two people in a defacto relationship who have been living together for six months or longer.

2. Do you cover neices and nephews for free on the same policy?

The Family/Couple traveller option is only valid for parents and grandparents and their dependent children (under 18) travelling together. If this is not the case, you are welcome to be on the same policy, however, you will need to select Individuals option.

4. If we are not leaving together can we still be covered under the same policy?

In order for everyone to be covered under the same policy, all parties need to be leaving and returning to Australia together, and spending at least 50% of the trip together. If this is not the case, you will need to have separate policies for these dates.

6. I'm taking out the top cover, am I covered for anything that can go wrong on my trip?

Our premiums would be astronomical if we could do that! There are limits and exclusions to all travel insurance policies, so we strongly advise you to read our product disclosure statement (or search [ctrl+F] for key words to check limits and exclusions) to see if our product is right for you.

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Travel Insurance from $27* - Price derived from a single trip of 5 days, individual, age 30, to New Zealand, Pacific & Bali region. Cover for pre-existing medical may require an extra premium.

* Price derived from a single trip of 5 days, Individual, age 30,30, 7 and 7 to New Zealand, Pacific & Bali region. Cover for pre-existing medical may require an extra premium.