Travel Insurance Tips

How Long Does it Take to Drive Route 66?
Here, we take a closer look at some tips for driving Route 66 to make your trip even better.

Things to pack in your carry-on for flight health and comfort
A few things you can pack in your cary-on to make long flights more pleasant

How to keep your passport safe abroad
We’ve put together some helpful tips for keeping your passport safe abroad.

These Common Travel Fails Prove the Importance of Having Insurance
We’ve all encountered travel mishaps on the road; and it’s important to remember that we’re not always untouchable when traveling abroad.

The best ways to stay in touch with home while travelling 
Whether you're taking off a simple two week holiday or a long gap year, check out these great tips for staying in touch with home while travelling.

The best tricks for finding cheap flights
Scoring cheap flights can be a rather simple process if you know the best tricks and tips.

How to find the best travel insurance
Choosing the best policy is important for everyone choosing to travel in order to make the most of your holidays.

5 things you should always have in your carry on
What you pack in your carry on can make travelling smoother and prepare you for more situations.

How To Prevent Illness While Travelling
There's nothing worse than being ill on holiday. We've got our resident medical expert, Carmen Grau to help advise you on how to stay healthy while travelling.

Travel Southeast Asia: The Essential 2019 Guide
Southeast Asia is a place to experience new things and awaken your senses. Read our guide and make the most of your travel to this magical part of the world.

Travel the Gold Coast - The 2018 guide to the best attractions
When it comes to finding a destination that offers something for any type of traveller, the Gold Coast has it all. Read our guide to the best Gold Coast attractions.

The 2018 guide to the best Great Barrier Reef experience
Supercharge your Great Barrier Reef Experience with these great activities and destinations!

3 Hot Holiday Destinations to Escape Aussie Winter
Want to escape the cold? Here are the 3 best places to travel to in Aussie winter.

The best ways to stay in shape while travelling
Here are some great ways to stay in shape while you're on your travels.

Tips and ways to stay safe while travelling
Here are some of the best ways to stay safe during your next holiday.

How to make sure you are eligible for an travel insurance claim
Here are some helpful tips you should follow to make sure your claim is eligible.

Best Places to Visit on Valentine’s Day
Find here some top destinations that are perfect for celebrating love with your partner, finding new love, or simply enjoying the big day on your own.

Saving Money on Food Costs While Travelling
Follow these informative tips to help you save money on food while on holidays.

How to Save Money Travelling During Peak Season Holidays
Read these helpful tips if you are planning to travel this holiday season and want to save some money.

Ultimate Guide to Saving Money at Disney World and Disneyland
Disney holidays can be expensive with so much money involved with entrance fees, accommodation and transportation. Find out ways to save on your Disney holidays.

5 Ways Clothing can Make or Break your Trip
Learn why researching and planning your travel wardrobe is essential in order to be prepared for your chosen destination and activities

What is the Excess on My Travel Insurance Policy
Learn what is excess on travel insurance policy and how it works

How to travel with only carry-on
Find here important tips on how to travel with only carry on

Budgeting for big trips
When so much money involved for big trips planning is essential, find guide on how to do budgeting for big trips.

Lean how to travel around the places where you don't speak language
Travelling in places where you don’t understand the language can be daunting, but there are ways as listed here to help your trip run as easy as possible.

Picking the right time of year to travel
There are various factors to consider while planning a trip such as weather, time of the year and many others, here you will get info about the same.

Make the most of a once in a lifetime
Learn here how to get most out of trips built around events and make them more incredible once in a lifetime experiences.

Love Animals? Treat them right when you travel
Travel offers great opportunities for animal lovers to see their favourite creatures, both in the wild and at incredible zoos around the world.

How to get the most out of rainy days in paradise
Learn how to get the most out of those days when the weather just won’t behave

12 Tips for Planning Your First Overseas Holiday (as a Retiree)
It’s finally happened! You’ve retired. You’ve saved. And now, you’re thinking about taking that overseas holiday

Beautiful beach camping destinations in Australia for the summer
These beach camping destinations around Australia are gorgeous and they’re some of my favourites...

Tips for Travelling Fulltime: Things I Learned Fast & Never Forgot
Let’s face it – many of us would love to quit our jobs, pack it all in, and spend a few months (or years!) travelling the world.

7 Essential Ski Resort Questions for Beginners
If you’re a first-timer or beginner, I discuss a few key things to think about before you choose and book your ski holiday.

Learn how claim compensation works for delayed flights
Travel delays (ugh!). They are one of the great frustrations of travelling. We often don’t fully understand why they happen (and sometimes we don’t care). But the fact is – they do come around once in a while and there’s not much you can do.

What does cancellation cover mean?
Covered for cancellation? What does it mean? InsureandGo offers UNLIMITED cancellation cover under the gold policy.

How much does travel insurance cost?
Do you want get an idea of what effects the price of travel insurance? Come and find out how and why your premium can vary.

Why travel insurance is important?
If you are travelling overseas, or even domestically, taking out travel insurance is highly recommended by the Australian government and

Why is budgeting for travel insurance important?
Learn why travel insurance should be part of your holiday budget.

How to Compare Travel Insurance Companies
Compare levels of cover from different travel insurance companies. What to look for when taking out a travel insurance policy.

6 Simple ways to save on travel insurance
Know how to lower the cost of your travel insurance policy without compromising on your level of cover.

How to choose the right travel insurance for you?
It’s important to understand how to choose the right travel insurance and make a cost effective choice.

Making a Travel Insurance Claim with InsureandGo Australia
Not sure how to go about submitting a travel insurance claim? Here are some tips to submit your claim to InsureandGo.

Common Travel Scenarios – From InsureandGo Travel Insurance
The most common scenarios that our travel insurance customers encounter and how you can deal with the if they happen to you while travelling.

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