Thailand, The Country of Smiles

12 de June de 2012

Thousands of Australian tourists decide to visit this country every year attracted by the beauty of its landscapes, beaches and weather. Known as one of the most fascinating countries for travelers, Thailand will surprise you due to the mix of history, culture, awesome beaches and excellent food. Thailand is the perfect place to leave your Australian routine behind so you can relax and enjoy all the beauty and wonder that this amazing place has to offer.


Thailand´s climate is generally warm, wet and tropical during the whole year. However, it´s important to take into consideration that there are 3 seasons: the cool season (November-February), the warm season (March-May) and the rainy season (June-October). Insureandgo recommends that you visit Thailand during the cool season; as the temperatures will be milder (it will still feel hot to most visitors) and it is less likely to rain, although in the north the temperature can drop to seven degrees during the night. It is easy for rain to dominate your trip if you decide to travel between June and October, mainly throughout the south part of the country. In the warm season, temperatures can reach 40 degrees (with high levels of humidity) which will make your trip a bit more difficult, mainly in the center and northeast of the country. Insureandgo recommends that you pack light clothes during any season, and don´t forget to keep a jacket in your luggage for the nights and fresh mornings.

Sightseeing and Touring Suggestions

  • Bangkok: known as “the city of the angels” or “the Venice of the east” (due to the high number of canals throughout the city). Bangkok is the capital of the country and main destination for flights into Thailand. With more than eleven million inhabitants, it is much more organized and safe than what it looks.
  • Phuket: “the pearl of the south” and is the biggest island in Thailand. It will surprise you due to the beauty of its many picturesque beaches and varied nightlife.
  • Ratchaburi:  famous for its floating markets of Damnoen Saduak and its limestone mountain formations.
  • Chiang Mai: It means “new city” and it’s the biggest city in the north of Thailand. Chiang Mai is known for its more than 300 temples and it was one of the most important points in the old route to market (Silk Road)

Culture and Religion

With a very varied culture, mainly Buddhist, Thailand is one of the countries in the world where modernism hasn´t had a big impact. When you decide to travel to Thailand, it is very important to show respect for the local culture and religion. It’s custom to respect all the historic and religious objects. Visiting Buddhist temples in Thailand is the best way to discover the amazing Thai culture. When at the temples, it’s necessary to cover your arms, legs and shoulders.

The national sport in Thialand is called Muay Thai, or Thai boxing. You can watch Muay Thai, at the biggest stadium in Bangkok, Lumphini Stadium (Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 6pm) or you can watch it for free in the Channel 7 studios (located behind the old Northern Bus Terminal across Phahonyothin road from Chatuchak market) on Sundays.

Embassy and Emergency Info

Australian Embassy address: 37 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok

Telephone: (+66) 02 344 6300 – Fax: (+66) 02 344 6593

Opening hours: From 8:00 am to 4:30pm

Tourist police: phone number: 1155. Emergencies: 1669 (191)


The electricity supply in Thailand is 220V and 50MHz. It´s important to note that in Thailand you will find different plugs when you are moving in different areas.

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