Smelly foods for brave tasters

Ever wondered which foods are the most pungent in the world? No matter what their funky scents entail, smelly foods can often be coupled with surprising tastes and unique delicacies around the world. Here are some smell-ridden foods you should definitely check out on your next holiday!

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Magical places to be discovered

We all grew up with fairytales and fantasy stories – and if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our travels at InsureandGo, it’s that magical places really do exist!

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Colours of the World

With Spring now officially in bloom, dozens of colours are beginning to pop up all over – from the clothes people are wearing, to the flags that adorn the streets, to the colourful flowers and plants blooming around the city.

In celebration of Spring and the soon-to-be Spring racing carnival, we’d like to take this opportunity to showcase how other destinations and cultures around the world express their incredibly colourful personalities!

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Eight extraordinary musical instruments you won’t find in Australia

It’s all too easy to forget that there is a wide variety of musical instruments outside mainstream instruments like the guitar, piano or the drums! The more traditional instruments have taken a backseat and it’s hard to even imagine where these instruments would fit in the modern electronic world.

These traditional instruments have great history behind them and offer an insight into the unique cultures of their countries of origin.

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Five bizarre eateries around the world

Most of us consider different styles of restaurant to relate to the specific cuisine rather than the actual venue. While this may be the norm, we are seeing a surge of restaurants that are being built and characterised around specific themes. These won’t necessarily fit with your traditional knowledge on what a restaurant is; but their differences make them unique and many have become icons in their countries.

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Leave the fork and knife at home – Eating customs around the world.

What do you normally use to eat your food – A fork and knife? Chopsticks? Your hands? Is the dinner table quiet or loud? Is the napkin placed on your lap or tucked into your clothing? There are so many different rules to consider! To avoid embarrassing yourself at the dinner table in a new country, we have put together some eating customs that can help you fit in a little better on your next trip.

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Experience the Thrill of Tokyo

The capital of Japan is a multinational city with strong influences from different cultures. Skyscrapers and contemporary buildings are positioned side by side in business districts. In contrast in other suburban districts people are more laid back and appreciate the calmness.

Due to the variation of the Japanese climate many tourists prefer to go there during spring when the cherry trees blossom, turning the area into heaven. Museums, architectural sites and sculptures makes the city the perfect destination for art lovers and this is definitely the place to go if you want to experience a high-technology city. The Japanese sushi culture has spread all over the world but here in Tokyo you will find a different appreciation as it is made to perfection, with presentation is carefully articulated

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