Unwanted Holiday Souvenirs

Bringing home knick-knacks and keepsakes during your trip overseas is part of the fun, but there are some “souvenirs” you definitely don’t want.

Skin conditions are one of the most frequent medical problems for travellers.

While travelling to exotic places you could be exposed to all manner of bugs that can cause unsightly rashes, bites or boils. Reassuringly, most skin problems can be avoided and are easily treated. Here’s how…

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Tips For Staying Healthy In The Air

For many Aussies, the only thing separating them from work and a well-earned, overseas holiday is a plane flight.

But that time in the air – from a few hours to the equivalent of a day or more – can take its toll on you physically and mentally.

Whether you’re lucky enough to be up the pointy end of the plane or squashed between other voyagers in zoo class, being well prepared for your flight will leave you less jaded when you reach your destination.

Here are some tips to take on board.

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Don't let the runs spoil holiday fun

Getting the runs when you’re on holidays is no fun, but diarrhoea is a common ailment for travellers, particularly in certain high-risk destinations such as developing countries.

Avoiding the runs in the first place is best, but if you or someone you’re travelling with does get diarrhoea there are things you can do.

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