The Best Kept Secrets of Eastern Europe

Frequently when people are searching for the perfect European holiday, they look to Paris, London, or Barcelona. Often overlooked, Eastern Europe provides just as much charm, history, and culture with much less tourism.

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The best cities in the world for expats

Monument of Strauss II, in Stadtpark, Vienna, Austria
Australia is blessed to have many cities that consistently rank as the world’s most liveable. It is no wonder that people across the world choose to be expats down under with our offering of beautiful beaches, political stability, health care, culture, and education. In fact, it’s pretty hard to beat Australia when it comes to liveability, we’re not biased or anything!

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These are the best ways to check out Sydney’s Vivid

Will o’ the Wisps, Vivid
Sydney will once again light up the night skies this year when Vivid kicks off on May 25. This year will mark the event’s 10th anniversary, and will run over 23 nights.

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How to dress for for the city you're heading to

You’re heading off to a new city, and your empty suitcase is staring at you. You don’t want everyone to know you’re a tourist, after all. But there are a few things you can do to make sure your clothes are culturally -- and fashionably--  appropriate wherever you’re visiting.

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The Most Stunning Sleepover Experiences on Earth

Where are you sleeping tonight? In the same old bed? Around the world, these sleepover experiences prove that choosing where to snooze can be an art form in itself!

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Experience the Thrill of Tokyo

The capital of Japan is a multinational city with strong influences from different cultures. Skyscrapers and contemporary buildings are positioned side by side in business districts. In contrast in other suburban districts people are more laid back and appreciate the calmness.

Due to the variation of the Japanese climate many tourists prefer to go there during spring when the cherry trees blossom, turning the area into heaven. Museums, architectural sites and sculptures makes the city the perfect destination for art lovers and this is definitely the place to go if you want to experience a high-technology city. The Japanese sushi culture has spread all over the world but here in Tokyo you will find a different appreciation as it is made to perfection, with presentation is carefully articulated

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Live The Life in L.A

LA is known to be the Mecca of the movie industry and the Hollywood sign has become a symbol of the city. The beautiful surroundings, dazzling nightlife and good weather all year around makes it a popular destination for tourists. Experience landmarks from famous movies, go on a celebrity tour or see the golden stars of Hollywood Boulevard.  The beaches outside LA offer great waves for surfing and other relaxing activities for the whole family.

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Honolulu – Truly A Heavenly Encounter

Aloha is the word that probably comes to mind when you think about Hawaii. A destination that everyone dreams about, hoping to explore its beautiful landscape. Honolulu is the capital of the state with around 380 000 inhabitants. It occupies almost all the island of Oahu. In Hawaiian “Honolulu“ means “sheltered bay” or “place of shelter”. It is a city with a big mix of cultures, great diversity and unbelievable landscapes that will have a lasting effect on you.

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Be Amazed by Auckland

Although Auckland isn’t the capital of New Zealand, it surely is a major city with plenty of attractions. Kiwis love for adventure sports can be identified with such activities available in the in the city center. This includes the option of jumping from a skyscraper. For others, Auckland offers many scenic areas around the city, revealing the magnificent nature that has made New Zealand famous. If you are in search of an adventure or a relaxing holiday, New Zealand is the destination for you.

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