Mexico, where everything is spiced

Mexico is a paradise for sunbathers, shopaholics and people fascinated by history. The country has something to offer for everyone and has a good mix of cultural, historical and religious attractions. The nightlife is excellent and most clubs and bars are open until late in the morning with people dancing all night. If you don’t know how to dance Latin American style you will definitely learn during your visit. The Mexican cuisine is known all over the world, so take the chance to taste a real fajita or enchiladas and of course, the local tequila.

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Soak Up The Sun in Spain

Spain has a unique flair which is characterized by its influence of other European countries within its culture. Spain has become one of the most attractive destinations for those who want to visit the “old continent” but are looking for a relaxed holiday, great weather, beautiful beaches and fun filled festivities. Spain is also well known for its delicious food and for being one of the best gastronomies in the world.

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Enjoy the Most Wonderful Beaches of Brazil in Rio

Rio’s beautiful beaches, its party like atmosphere and amazing landmarks are just some of the reasons why tourists flock in their droves every year. The Brazilian way of life which is to take one day at a time can be noticed everywhere and this is definitely the place to go if you want to experience an exciting fun filled vacation and still be able to relax and unwind. The breathtaking landscape, wide stretching beaches and world famous sights make Rio a highly sought after holiday destination.

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Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

Borobodur is a well-known Buddhist monument in Indonesia.  It is situated on the island of Java and attracts tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. The monument is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most visited tourist attraction in Indonesia. Due to volcanic eruptions, the monument has been damaged and restored several times by donations received from UNESCO and countries wanting to ensure the monuments safeguarding. The area around the monument has been badly affected by the latest eruption and the vegetation has been completely destroyed in some places. Despite that, the monument is a breathtaking due to its well-preserved details and remarkable construction.

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Feel The History of Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy. This amazing city has an extensive history that dates back to two and half thousand years. Rome is a hub for culture, shopping and dining. The magnificent sites from the Roman Empire are still open for tourists to visit and the historical influence of the city cannot be missed. The food and wine is absolutely fabulous and forms a significant part of the Italian culture. After a long day of sightseeing and shopping try some of Italy’s best wines at a trattoria while overlooking the city’s beautiful architecture.

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