Your medicinewise travel checklist

If you’re preparing to go away, use this checklist to safeguard your health and make sure you remember your medicines.

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The Empire State Building – Interesting Facts That Will Take You High

Known over the world, you will love to discover this famous skyscraper located in the intersection between 5th Avenue and West 34th Street in New York. Until the construction of the World Trade Centre this building was the highest in the world. The Empire State was finished in 1931 and it is managed by W&H Properties with an astounding 102 floors. Around 21 000 lucky people work in this building daily, with the pleasure of admiring the amazing views of New York City. In this article, InsureandGo wants to help you to organize your visit to The Empire State Building and give you some useful information before you visit New Yorkers most beloved building. In the entrance by 5th Avenue you can appreciate the marble hall. You will notice during your visit that the last 30 floors are illuminated with different colour. These colours resemble the special celebration of the season.

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Nepal Highlights – What You Need To Know

Nepal has warned foreign travellers when travelling to Nepal due to the current cholera infections following an outbreak to exercise a high degree of caution.

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Travel Tips For Seniors

Compared to other age groups, seniors travel quite a bit, largely due to the fact that you are time rich. If you are thinking about your next trip it might pay to take some time to think carefully about how you intend to budget for your trip. Here are a few we have handpicked to get you started.

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How to protect your luggage?

Here are some useful tips on how to prevent these things from happening and what to do if it happens:

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