The weirdest museums on the Planet

Forget Museums of Natural History or those associated with culture and war! These crazily weird museums actually do exist around the world. If you ever get to one, you can be sure it’ll keep you amused for hours…

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Top 10 Golf Holiday Destinations by InsureandGo

Overwhelmed by all the amazing golf destinations you hear about? Well here are InsureandGo’s favourite golf destinations to help you plan your next golfing holiday:

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Taking the sting out of your seaside holiday

Being around the sea is a national pastime for Australians — walking on the beach, boating, surfing, snorkelling, diving or dipping. You name it we love it.

Many of us also opt for a coastal holiday even when travelling abroad with destinations like Thailand, Bali, and Hawaii being popular.

But your long anticipated beach or ocean holiday could turn nasty if you end up lobster red from sunburn or on the wrong side of a sea urchin.

Here are some tips for preventing common beach holiday injuries, what to do if you are unlucky, and when to seek medical help.

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The Enriched Old City Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem and its surrounding walls are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. With its history and spiritual meaning, the city and its walls represent the heart of the larger city of Jerusalem and most of the holy sites in the area are located within the Old City walls. Jerusalem is sacred to three religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  The sacred site for the Christians is the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, for the Jews it’s the Temple Mount and the holiest site for Muslims is the Dome of the Rock.

You do not need to be religious to be stunned by its history and spiritual value. Go for a walk in the narrow alleyways of the city and experience the many sites and monuments in the area.  Every religion has its own sites and due to the size of the area you should have time to visit them all.

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