Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

If you travel internationally multiple times per year, you should consider buying an Annual Multi trip policy^ to save time and money. Our annual multi-trip cover is a solution that covers you for multiple international trips, making it perfect for the frequent business traveller or globetrotter who has caught the travel bug.

So how does annual travel insurance differ from our single trip policy^? Our single trip policies will cover you for a single trip you choose, which falls within the dates you select for your cover at time of purchase. Purchasing an annual multi-trip insurance policy covers you for unlimited international trips over a 12 month period. This means you could take a trip every month and be assured you’re covered under a single policy. The duration of each individual trip you are allowed under your annual multi-trip policy will be limited to the option you select. We offer the flexibility to choose from 30, 45, or 60 day options.

However, please note that our annual multi trip policy^ does not cover domestic travel, only international travel. So even if you will be travelling domestically for an entire year, please purchase our domestic policy^, not an annual multi trip policy^.

Why Travel With Us for Annual Trip?

  • Unlimited number of international trips
  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses
  • Unlimited cancellation cover
  • Baggage covered up to $8,000 on Gold Policies
  • Annual Multi-trip policies from just $253**
  • All pre-existing medical conditions considered online
  • 1.6M travellers covered per year
  • Award winning travel insurance company

When to choose the Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance option

Even if you find yourself travelling just 2 or 3 times per year, this can be enough to consider purchasing an annual policy.

Providing you with cover for multiple short term trips over the space of a year, an annual policy may cost you only slightly more than a single trip policy depending upon your selected destination. Our affordable annual multi-trip policies start from just $253** and include coverage benefits.

Benefits of purchasing an Annual Multi-Trip policy

  • Unlimited number of international trips
  • Unlimited cancellation cover
  • Unlimited overseas medical expenses
  • No need to notify us of each trip if within policy's duration & destination bracket.
  • 90 sports/activities included in your policy, such as hiking, diving, snorkelling, golfing, cycling, kayaking and bungee jumping
  • Baggage covered up to $15,000
  • All pre-existing medical conditions considered online

Annual Multi-Trip policy for Seniors:

There is no need to select or purchase a separate seniors travel insurance policy. Simply select the annual multi-trip option in the quote box above along with your age, travel dates, and destination. We cover up to 100 years of age and consider all pre-existing conditions.

Long Duration Trips:

If you find you will be travelling to a destination for more than 60 days, we offer flexible One-Trip Travel Insurance which cover you up to 12 months in a destination as well as Backpacker Travel Insurance options which offer up to 18 months of continuous and comprehensive travel insurance cover with the option of visiting your home in Australia for up to 14 days without having to void your policy.

Most Common Questions

Why should I buy an AMT policy?

The type of insurance you buy is entirely up to you, however, if you want to be covered for unlimited international trips throughout the year the AMT policy might be the right fit for you.

Do I have to notify you every time I travel?

You are free to travel whenever you like, just make sure you stick to your policy's duration and destination bracket.

How do duration-based travel limits work?

When you select your AMT policy, the three cover options to choose from are based on the maximum duration of the trips you intend to take throughout the year (30, 45 or 60 days). The insurance payouts for each policy are the same.

Are cruises covered on an AMT Policy?

Our AMT policies automatically cover you for on-board hospital, medical and surgical expenses while on your cruise.

Is domestic travel covered on an AMT Policy?

Unfortunately, no it is not. Our Annual Multi Trip policies only cover international travel.

Are medical expenses included?

Our policies provide for unlimited necessary emergency medical costs incurred whilst outside of Australia. These can include ambulance, surgery, medications, and repatriations. For a full list of benefits and exclusions, please read our product disclosure statement (ctrl+f to search for key terms).

Is winter sports automatically included with this policy?

You will need to add the ‘Winter Sports’ options to be covered for any expenses you may incur as a result of participating in winter sports activities. You may purchase a separate additional policy (before leaving on your trip) for a single trip that incldes winter sports, if you would like to add it retrospectively.

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Annual Multi-trip policies from just $253** - Price derived from an individual, age 30, to worldwide excluding North and South American and Antarctica. Cover for pre-existing medical may require an extra premium.